Week of Lists: Giftmas Wishlist

Well, as the retail sector expands its holiday hours, no reason why we, the gibbering masses, shouldn’t also! So with that materialistic mind bent towards the upcoming comsumeristic bonanza known (by me at least) as “Giftmas”, today’s list is hereby presented, along with my poor cartoonery.


If you cant make sense of those drawings, which I did at work yesterday, those items are:

  • money
  • trip tickets. In this case, a cruise and Paris.
  • a GPS unit, since mine was stolen.
  • A circular lace shawl
  • a horn anvil (essential metalsmith’s and jeweler’s tool)
  • a jeweler’s bench (half-circle cutout is key)
  • gift cards (my favorite shops this year are: H&M, Macy’s, DSW Shoes, Barnes & Noble, Target)
  • Books, books, and more books!
  • Jewelry (I like shiny things)

What are your secret desires, my pretties?

17 thoughts on “Week of Lists: Giftmas Wishlist

  1. Okay, so I’m looking at these pictures, right. (By the way, they’re pretty good.) And I didn’t read the bottom text portion of the post. And this is what’s going through my mind.
    “Money, a navigator, an old lady, a vacation somewhere and an anvil. What the heck does she want an anvil for??? She being chased by a coyote or something!”
    Then I read the bottom portion. Okay, makes sense now.

    Okay, what’s the deal with women and Paris?

    As for my wishlist. I don’t have one. But I’ll turn this into a meme cuz I’m bored.

    1. You’re up early.

      And your reading of the pictures makes me laugh. (and thanks)

      I chose Paris because it has a easily recognized landmark that I can draw. I’d honestly rather visit Scotland and Italy and Greece.

      1. And to clarify. I don’t think you’re an old lady. The drawing of a woman in a shawl screams old lady to me.
        You’re too young to wear a shawl. C’mon. Shawls are for old ladies. How about a scarf or a pashmina or something. Shawls are too old lady.

  2. I just got distracted by the O’reilly reference. God, I loathe that man.

    Anyway, I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas gifts, but I was longing for an i-touch, and then decided to take the plunge and get an i-phone instead. It’s in transit now.

  3. Hi Rachel
    I see you often at WIGSF’s blog and I had to steal his meme that he took from you. :o) I am however turning it into a contest because I can’t draw worth crap so I though it would be more fun to see what people guess I am after.
    Thanks for the fun game!
    Hope you have a great
    Thanksgiving Weekend
    The Mind of a Mom (aka SoccerMom)

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