Week of Lists: Wardrobe Wishlist

Yesterday’s post has inspired me to write a bunch of lists. Cuz I’m crazy like that, and I think in lists.

So, I’ve recently developed an interest in fashion. I don’t care about designers and owning brand names, or following trends. I just care about finding clothes I like, in which I feel comfortable and attractive and sometimes sexy. In particular, I’m looking for items that are sophisticated, eclectic, with character, a POP of color or texture or shine or “flair”. I think I’ve got a pretty good start so far. A few examples of outfits I have compiled:

green:white:cat This one is a green satin-like blouse, with white linen pants, and my famous leopard-print satin pumps.

And this next one is a hot pink eyelet skirt with a zebra-print cardigan. A funky combination, I admit, but I like it.
pink with zebra

So, without further ado, here are the items I am shopping for, to continue my quest for the perfect wardrobe:


  • Black cardigan
  • white jeans
  • brown or nude pumps
  • trouser jean
  • wide-calf riding boot in brown
  • black slacks

Beyond the basics:

  • patterned or seamed blouses (most of my shirts are solid-color tees/sweaters)
  • hot pink or turquoise pants
  • brocade dress
  • snakeskin leggings (seriously! I’d wear this with a black tunic over a bright turquoise cami, and black flats)
  • teal or plum silk wrap dress
  • dark berry-red lace camisole
  • Brown leather jacket
  • turquoise camisole

That’s all so far. Any fashionistas with their own style ideas or wish lists?


19 thoughts on “Week of Lists: Wardrobe Wishlist

    1. A pump is a woman’s shoe with a heel (as opposed to a sneaker, flat, or boot). “Nude” refers to the color, which is (caucasian) flesh-toned. Beige is paler and lacks pink, and tan is darker with more brown.

      1. That’s what I thought, but I checked my Benjamin Moore colour palette and found no “nude” colour. And also I saw the term “nude pump” and well, my mind went somewhere. Had to make sure.

  1. I want a pair of hot boots – not winter boots though. Unfortunately, the wide calf market is sadly deficient. I guess beggars can’t be choosers or something like that…

    1. Yeah no kidding! Not much variety in the wide leg market. Aparently EVERYONE has legs that are 12 inches in circumfrence. Humph! Or, if you have legs bigger than that, you gotta hide those fugly stumps or the skinny folks will just die from catching the fatz from just looking at you.

  2. I’ll knit a black cardigan for you, as long as you’d like something simple. Why don’t you poke around on Ravelry and see if you can find something you like.

  3. I LOVE the zebra/pink combo. I’m so far from being able to buy clothes I like I don’t even think about what I like. By the time the clearance racks get down to my price range, the only colors left are lime green and navy.

  4. I love satin… but I am not allowed to wear it because (like microfiber) I can’t keep my hands off it and I look like a freak spending the whole day rubbing the sleeves of my shirt because I am so enamored of the texture.

    But that looks smokin’ on you!

    1. Lol, I’m no better than you. I’m always rubbing my shirt when I’m wearing it. Its so luxurious.

      But being tactile never stopped me from wearing it or possibly wearing it in public. If you like it enough, do it. 🙂

  5. Black boots with heels, but not pointy toes. (And incidentally, I have the opposite problem with boot legs, and it also annoys the hell out of me.) Tweed pencil skirt. A couple of thinnish sweaters in jewel tones. That’s my list at the moment.

  6. As for the leather jacket, you’d be surprised what you can find at a thrift shop. Many nice clothes there, and at a reasonably better price than a regular store. I wouldn’t be too surprised if you were able to find more of your choices as well…Happy Shopping…

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