Brevity is the soul of witlessness.

I still don’t feel like writing anything, even though I’ve got a lot to write about. But I also feel like I should write something before I become so overwhelmed with things to write about that nothing gets said at all. So I’m just give y’all a quick rundown of events, bullet-like, and maybe I’ll come back to this stuff later, especially if you express some interest in hearing more about any of this shit. That’s what the comment form is for *hint*.

Ahem, so.

  • Had my birthday a couple weeks ago. I’m now 31, bitches.
    This birthday was better than the last birthday. LOADS better.

  • Two things I’ve been wishing for for years, I finally got: my credit card debts are gone (a lovely little thing called Chapter 7 bankruptcy); and I quit my hated part-time evening job as a janitor. Wednesday is my last day!
  • I am going to be buying a new computer in a few weeks.
  • After years of chronic insomnia and shitty sleep and persitent tiredness, I tried something unprecedented: quitting all caffine altogether. No coffee, no red bull, no sodas, no teas, and (for a couple days) no chocolate. After a couple days of this, I am already sleeping much better.
  • This weekend, my car got smashed into and my GPS was stolen. A simple smash-n-grab operation. Nothing major. I do have a passenger-side window that needs to be replaced.

That is all.


23 thoughts on “Brevity is the soul of witlessness.

  1. Well, happy belated birthday to you.

    Years of chronic insomnia do suck. I’m just easing out of it myself. I do love how you noted that the chocolate prohibition would only be temporary. Women and chocolate. I don’t think enough academic study has been done on the subject to properly gauge how chocolate can affect a woman’s behaviour. (Taking away a woman’s chocolate is like poking a grizzly bear with a stick, in my own personal experiences.)

    1. Poking a grizzy with a stick, you say?

      Now, whereEVER do you get those CRAZY analogys from?! Preposterous!

      I would never roar, claw, or behead the fellow who takes my chocolate!

      Okay, wait, on second thought, maybe I would.

      1. I’m thinking your reaction to the taking of your chocolates would depend on the quality of the chocolate. A couple stale Hershey’s Kisses, not a big deal. But a box of fresh Godiva chocolate truffles, I know first hand, never take those from a woman unless you can out run her.

        1. Fudge.

          Fudge and chocolate mousse.

          I will dismember anyone who gets in the way of my nomming either fudge or chocolate mousse.

          Consider yourself warned…and spread the word. Oh, and send me a block of fudge. I feel my PMS coming on.

          1. Next time I make a fudge run, I’ll pick you up some. Have you a preference? Just plain chocolate fudge? Something nutty perhaps?

  2. I think it all sounds interesting. And some of it strangely parallels my own experiences of late. Not the birthday bit, though, (Happy Birthday!) or the GPS being stolen (because I don’t have one to steal and I don’t actually ever go anywhere in which one might be useful, unless they have GPS for Hell now), but the rest is very familiar. I would read whatever you choose to write about…

      1. Perhaps you might consider elaborating about lost ambition. I might find some helpful Lessons Learned. Or maybe you have and I just need to go back and read it again. Looking for a new computer would be interesting too…

    1. Lol no. I think I’m a better person without it. I feel better: less tired, less gassy and IBSy, and therefore more content and happier.

      I think caffine is very bad for me.

  3. There is so much to comment on here…the GPS thing is just shitty.

    I think being able to claim a big part of your life back with the credit stuff taken care of allowing you to get rid of a numbing second job is going to free up some of your time. I think it is also going to free up your mind and allow you to sleep better.

    Toying with no coffee and Dew has been on my mind, but I really didn’t feel happy. Work is what I do to not be happy. I dind’t need something else too.

    Don’t buy a MAC. For some reason, I find that I don’t get aloong with MAC people.

    1. Oh dear.

      I hate to break it to you, but I’ve been a mac person for years! My current computer is a power mac G4: old and slow and needs to be retired. But I love macs, and will never use a PC.

      Sorry. But, we get along fabulously! I must be the exception that proves the rule. 🙂

      1. I used a Mac during my newspaper years and I loved it. I am sure I would love a Mac again if I had one…I can just get four PCs for the price of one Mac. I can fix up old PCs and keep each person (even the 21 month old) with their own computer.

        You don’t shove your Mac-ness down our lowly PC throats. You get a free pass…maybe it is your gorgeous red hair!

        1. Ha! Oh, I was tempted, oh so tempted, to do some shoving, but I’m a properly raised young woman. I have a foul mouth (fuck yeah!) but I have been taught to be otherwise perfectly polite.

          Humility, however, still evades me.

  4. IMy sympathy about the GPS, and glad the caffeine-free thing is helping, and yay about leaving the bad job and geting the debt taken care of and the new computer on the way. But about turning 31? Wah, wah, wah – you’ll get no sympathy from me, babydoll.


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