Whispers in the Dark

Okay, so I was at the laundromat a while ago, bored out of my fucking mind, with only one complimentary t.v. showing Jeopardy (no captions), and the other showing some Spanish soap opera. Spanish soaps are fucking hilarious when you can’t understand Spanish; those guys can really overact the fight scene! I was so bored, I started bugging my friend Ian, and totally goaded him into double dog daring me to post a shitty poem I wrote yesterday.

I warn you folks, this poem is really bad. In my head its actually lyrics to some sort of music, with a haunting melody and a tribal beat. Perhaps the theme song to some emo-gothic undead werewolf or ghost drama on HBO or some such? Don’t ask me what my inspiration was, it just happened.

Also, this crap is still in rough draft format, and may never get beyond this.

It starts out like this:

A shadow falls upon the land

The moon is veiled in darkness

The chorus goes something like this:

And I

Can’t see anything

And I

Can’t feel anything

All I can hear is

Whispers in the dark

And then it ends something like this:

The shadow falls upon my heart

The shadow falls upon my soul

(My soul)

My soul becomes

A whisper in the dark.

(In the dark)

Okay, that is all.

You may now go and gouge out your eyes and purge your life of the last minute or so it took to read this from your minds with strong drink.

On the plus side, I am home now, not at the laundromat. I am not bored anymore and I don’t have to watch those appalling Spanish soaps. Too bad I wrote that poem yesterday. I could have claimed inspiration from those soaps.

Wait, creative license, right? Damn right! Forget actual chronology! My inspiration IS those appallingly wretched soaps, and the horror of what I saw so transcended time and space that my past self sensed the pall of that torture and expressed it before the ability was burned out of my mind forever by those crazy spanish-speaking women on t.v!

Uh, on second thought, never mind.  Yeah.

I blame insomnia.


12 thoughts on “Whispers in the Dark

  1. ARG! At least you can use the laundromat! I am stuck with college laundry room, where my towels were unceremoniously deposited (twice!) on random icky tables today, and there are no “hot water” or “delicate” options, just colors, whites, or perm. press (and I don’t even know what that last one means!). I’m going to the real laundromat tomorrow, I swear! So, appreciate that you have time and access for laundromatting.

    And, I totally agree. Werewolf show on HBO. And, it’s not too shitty of a poem. You used words. And you wrote it. It’s better than my poetry. Except haiku. I can write haiku.

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