More to Love? No, Hate.

***cross-posted from Fat Sisters***

I tried to watch More to Love last night. I never bothered before because I loathe socially competitive reality television, due to the fact that such shows bring out the absolute worst in humanity for public spectacle. The dating shows are among the worst of the lot: contrived, shallow, and sexist. When the blurbs for More to Love came out I was mildly intrigued, curious to see how different, if at all, a FAT show that doesn’t revolve around losing weight or the fat freak spectacle tropes would be like.

But, due to circumstance beyond my control, I missed the season premiere. Then Lesley of Fatshonista posted her recap shortly thereafter, and she’s such a FABULOUS writer and her recaps are gloriously, hilariously comprehensive and detailed, I felt as if I didn’t miss a thing. Eventaully,each recap led me to two conclusions: 1) this show is as much shit as all the others are: just as shallow, just as sexist, just as contrived–but with the added element of Fat Freak Spectacle; and 2) I had to see if I could watch just one episode and see if the show really is as horrible as Lesley makes it out to be.

It is: I could NOT get through the first 10 minutes. Perhaps my objectivity had been compromised by Lesley’s increasingly angsty recaps, but:

*Luke is BORING, y’all. I swear, I think the girls think so too, but are trying, with every ounce of their beings, to be enthused about this shit for the sake of the damn show.

*The Fat Pain whining is excessive. Annoying. This sort of negativity has no place in the early stages of any romance. It is also CONTRIVED. The fucking producers have told every single girl on that show to harp upon it endlessly. Because that is all the producers care about: Providing their viewers–obviously they have in mind an audience composed of a) fatty romantics desperate for a taste of fantasy and b)the fat-haters thrilled with the opportunities to make mocking fat jokes (remember the banana?). The more fat pain the producers can create the more sympathy points they get from the romantics and more joke fodder they give to the douchehounds.

This is why I don’t watch reality t.v. people. There is nothing real, or positive, about the people in it, or in the stories they create. It brings out the worst in people, objectifies human experience, and crushes souls. (See Lesley!)

I have to finish this post with a tribute to Lesley for doing this for us. I really admire her strength for going above and beyond the call of duty watching this dreck every week, so we don’t have to.

I hope she survives.


6 thoughts on “More to Love? No, Hate.

  1. I will admit to being a sucker for Survivor and the Amazing Race, but I’ve never understood the fascination with Big Brother, the Bachelor and all that. The dating things never did it for me.

    Lesley is a saint.

  2. I thought reality shows as a whole were the worst part of humanity. Not just the behaviour of the asswipes on the show.

    On the topic of bigger people finding love. I just don’t get it. I really don’t give a shit about whether or not a woman is plump when I meet her. I care about the personality and all that stuff. A pretty face is great, no humungous moles or stuff like that, but otherwise, a pretty smile can go a long way. I’m not a shallow person. But maybe I’m one of the lucky few.
    Are real people that shallow in real life? “Oh, can’t date that person, that person is fat.” So what if that person is fat. It’s what’s underneath that counts. “Yeah, and underneath is just more fat.” The more I think about shallow people, the more I want to kick their asses.

  3. The dating shows make me crazy – especially when they have people competing for someone. In real life, I would walk away at the first hint of competition – someone either wants to be with you or they don’t.

  4. I think the closest thing to reality TV I get is The Deadliest Catch…I watched a few episodes of some car reposession show, but the producing was so bad that I could tell half of the situations were fake.

    We all might like to think that our lives are exciting, but it really isn’t. We might have about 15 exciting minutes each day…none of which would make good television. So they have to manufacture good TV…and you are looking at the results.

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