I don’t what it is or why it is, but I feel uptight and cranky today. Maybe I need to rant about something, but what? I don’t feel ranty or cranky about anything in particular, just everything in general.

  • The sound of peoples voices. I can switch that off (and have–thank you blessed deafness).
  • The movement of people through space, in and out of my field of vision. Not so managable. Unfortunately, I am at work and have to be here. I have to put up with the irritating aliveness of other human beings. *sigh!*
  • The persistent cruddiness of this so-called “summer”. Yeah, yeah, I know that we’ve had a few days recently of nice, warm, sunny weather, and that has been nice. But this morning was chilly and a cold gray wind blew. It felt like fucking OCTOBER. It just isnt right.

What else is there to complain about? Not food. For once, I have no complaints about how food is making me feel. So thats not whats making me cranky. Maybe money. There’s always money–or more precisely, the scarcity of money. Every time one frees up a dollar, something comes along to take it away. But that’s the way it is. That’s the way it will always be. And yeah, that irritates me, but what the hell can any of us do about it? Walk away? Yeah, well there are no free jungles anymore.

In reality, I’ve got nothing to whine about. Life may not be perfect, but it never will be. And like life, my moods aren’t perfect, and will never be either. And whether or not I’ve got a reason, sometimes I just will be irritated.

Still, its irritating to be irritated for no damn reason. I don’t think being on the rag has anything to do with it. I can see it in your faces, and if any of you muthafuckas even suggest it, I will rip your head off.

Just saying.
Peace out.


14 thoughts on “Meh.

    1. Maybe you need to rant about something. The cranky seems to be an epidemic in the blogosphere. So many bloggers I know or have come across lately are cranky.

    1. I dont think that TMI.

      Ya know, the fact that PMS is so often used as a means to dismiss a woman’s bad mood. Not all bad moods are PMSy, and more often than not, there is a damn good reason why we are pissed off.

  1. It feels like October here too! Today was sunny, but it wasn’t warm enough for swimming or any summer activities so the kids are all upset about it.

    I like it only because it’s nicer to sleep with a cool breeze than the stiff humidity…

    My mom used to have two suggestions for any ailment:

    1: You were on your period or were going to start it soon.

    2: You have to poop.


  2. i’m sorry we’ve stolen your summer. if it helps, the grey sky outside might mean that it’s coming back to you. it’s because i commanded it thusly.

  3. I should propose myself for sainthood for not murdering any of the 7 or 8 million people who have suggested that women’s problems are all hormonal.

    Maybe you’re feeling restless because something is about to enter your life, something wonderful that will make a great difference. At least I hope so. In any case, do feel better soon. As for your weather, you must be channeling San Francisco, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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