…Brought to You By:

Today is brought to you by:
Momentum! Newton’s 1st Law of Motion states that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. Without momentum, the earth would not spin, the sun would not rise, and the resting blogger would not rise to blog another day.

Today’s earworm is brought to you by:
“American Pie” by Don McLean, where chevys are driven to dry levies and drunk rednecks complain of death.

Todays microrant is brought to you by:
shallow fuckwads. I am sick and tired of a woman’s merits and personal worth being valued or devalued on the basis of her looks or sexual attractiveness. Yes, people–men and women–have the right to evaluate others as potential sex partners, to say “She’s cute!” or “He’s hot!”, but in any other circumstance, such as a nominee for the United States Supreme Court, his or her merits should never be reduced to his or her “fuckability.”

Today’s lunch is brought to you by:
Chinese peasants and Mexican migrant workers. Thanks for the rice and brocoli, guys. I look forward to nomming your hard-picked work right…about…now.

Today’s Deep Thought is brought to you by:
The Health Care Debate
Do we have a moral imperitive to be healthy? Illness is a social concern. Illness can be contagious, and illness has ramifications than affect not just the immediate family, but the long chains of social networks of which that individual is a part. Insomuch as illness and sickness is a social issue, we do have a moral imperative. What, then, is the line between body ownership (privacy and liberty) and social responsibility: does it end where another’s begins? And how does universal health care fit in this? Abortion? Cloning, stem cells, organ harvesting, medical reasearch, and all other matters of health and body concerns? Hmmm.

This post is brought to you by:
Zyrtex, Albutrol, Red Bull, Chocolate and Pepsi.

16 thoughts on “…Brought to You By:

    1. Well, my total lack of attraction to any of those ignoramuses has less to do with their looks (I mean objectively, Roberts isn’t that bad to look at) than their intellectual or ideological perspectives.

    1. And the same goes for you! Its like a time warp or something! ZOMG Twilight Zone!!!!

      Incidentially, I think I need to redo my clock settings. Maybe a bolt of 1.21 gigawatts fried wordpress servers.

    1. Seratonin–the body’s version of crack cocaine.

      Also the opposite of MELATONIN–the body’s version of pot. Good thing I got melatonin supplements in my medicine cabinet. That and Valium. How else am I gonna sleep?

      1. Brought to you by Endorphins and Dopamine! THEY will help you sleep AND abate your dissipating foot pain Ms Energy Drink!

    1. They are both prescription drugs:
      Zyrtek is for allergies–the wet summer has caused bad mold, which is aggravating my asthma.
      Albutrol is the brand-name for an asthma inhalor. A Bronchodialator that contains steriods.

      Those, plus the caffine in the red bull and pepsi, and whatever it is in chocolate, have made me jittery and mentally-active today. (Hence CTJen’s seratonin comment)

  1. the healthcare debate is fast becoming the same kind of issue i consider gay marriage to be…a non-issue. there’s nothing to talk about, healthcare should be a service like school, transit and social security. private companies can be hired as contracters…they don’t go out of business and are regulated by the gov’t. done. next issue.

  2. I like the way that you think, particularly the machine-gun like manner that you disseminate your neural smatterings. You should consider going a bit farther and proposing your own ideas and/or solutions here.

    Drugs & chocolate? A waste of drugs if you ask me, you can get just as wired without the Red Bull and the OTC breathing meds.

    Did I miss something? Who, if anybody, had referred to Sotomayer as “f**kable”?

    Did somebody give Limbaugh a bottle of crack again?

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