Right Now…

…I am in my sleeping clothes sipping a glass of cheap wine, and breaking in a brand new pair of shoes.

I got these at Macy’s this weekend for 65% off, but even if they were full price, I would buy these shoes, because, guys, they are so awesome and I just HAD to have them. My name, they called in dulcet tones.

See the awesomeness of these shoes!



Aren’t they just purrrrty?

These shoes are also the tallest heels (3″) I’ve ever worn, hence the breaking in. Also, they are the first animal print shoes I’ve ever worn, and along with my red pumps (1″ heel), are the only sexy single girl shoes I’ve EVER owned.

To be honest, I have no idea what to do with them. Well, WEAR them is a given, of course, but I’m not quite in the dating game just yet. Id like to wear them with something besides a black dress. Jeans and some sort of top, I suppose. But the more important issue is where to wear them? I’m not exactly a social butterfly, and I’m definitely no clubber or barfly either. Are they resigned to the closet until I start dating again? This thought makes me sad.

So, I am sipping some tart wine–not the best reisling I’ve ever had, sadly–breaking in some stilletos and pondering fashion. I’ve become a bit of a clotheshorse in the past year. The complete emotional abandonment of my ex before we split left me with a need to seek physical/emotional affirmation elsewhere, and pretty clothes filled in that gap (unlike He Who Shall Not Be Named, I am not a cheater. Yes, I am still bitter, and yes, I am entitled). In the past year or so, I have managed to amass a not-too-shabby collection of pretty and feminine garments that make me feel a twinge more self-confident. Thats always worth the expense.

In addition to those shoes, I’ve bought a few garments of the type that I’ve never worn before, because back then, they would have been “too loud”, “too frilly”, or “too sexy”. I used to hate dresses and white pants. There was a part of me (and a little tiny part of it is still there) that believed I wasn’t good-looking enough to dare wear cute or sexy clothes. Now I’ve got quite a few dresses (including a zebra-striped wrap dress! Which I haven’t had a chance to wear yet 😦 ) and a pair of white linen pants. And it feels good to be a little frivolous, to play with these garments, and wear them for a few minutes, and sometimes even IN PUBLIC. I do deserve cute clothes, and I deserve them for myself, and not for anyone else.

I don’t even care if these purrrrty shoes make my ankles look like cankles. I love them, and I’m going to wear them in public as soon as I reasonably can!

Also; I have a new post up at Fat Sisters!


25 thoughts on “Right Now…

  1. you will where those shoes everywhere. grocery store. dentist’s office. work. parks. art museums. EVERYWHERE.

    big fat CONDI’S SEAL OF APPROVAL for those babies.

  2. I feel your pain. I bought an amazing dress recently that called my name, but it is the sort of thing I could only wear somewhere really nice. So I’m waiting, not all that patiently.

    But you wear those to go lots of places, if you want. Just not with the zebra-print dress!

        1. But what about the guilt thing? I thought you lot were all terrible sinners doomed to perpetual repentance. When do you find the time to be happy?

          1. What guilt? We sin all we want, repent for the sins and poof, entry into Heaven. Why do think we’re so happy? Sinning is fun!

  3. OMG, those shoes are awesome!! And Condi is right–wear them everywhere. If you save the clothes that make you feel wonderful and sexy for “special” occasions, you’ll end up never wearing them and never feeling wonderful and sexy. So put on that zebra dress and your red pumps for those trips to the grocery store or the library! Strut your animal print shoes at the book store and the dentist! Seriously.

  4. The shoes? Strap ’em on girl and get thee to the store and get a good bottle of wine.

    As for the zebra print wrap dress? Wear it shopping, wear it to the library, wear it to the grocery store, wear it to brunch with your girlfriends.

    You DO NOT need an occasion to wear nice clothes…

    1. There it is, that’s my hang-up right there. I grew up with practically nothing for nice clothes, and moreover, also with the idea that nice clothes were for special occaisons.

      On a slightly tangential note, last time I was in Montreal, I noticed something that shows how our two cultures are so different: women and girls in Montreal like to wear dresses and skirts. American women–not so much. American females tend to wear shorts or slacks. Skirts and dresses are, well, dressier.

  5. Well damn, I just went back and read the comments and I’m obviously not the only one who thinks this. Jen and I seem to have a thing for hot clothes in libraries!

  6. I’m a guy, so you have to take these comments in context: For guys, we would have women wear shoes like these anywhere – grocery shopping, to the dentist. Yes, we KNOW that after five minutes your feet begin to hurt, but we can’t take our eyes off of you ladies when you wear these shoes. It’s one of the few vicarious thrills we poor males are allowed to indulge in.

    1. Sounds like even more reason for someplace like Aidias, Puma, or Nike to design men’s athletic shoes or even regular shoes and dress shoes with leopard print accents!

      I sense a trailblazing moment.

  7. I love them and want a pair for myself now! Nevermind that I have absolutely no where to wear them…I want them.

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