Facebook is my Twitter

I don’t use twitter. I’m not really interested in adding another bullshit internet obligation to my daily routine. I got plenty, what with two blogs, and Facebook, for example, plus all the blogs I read and sort of comment on. I also got real life obligations such as, you know, WORK.

My version of “twittering” is the facebook status updates. Here are some recent ones from the last couple days:

7:54pm: Rachel is watching “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”

8:45pm: Rachel is laughing at the awkwardness of it all.

10:42pm: Rachel may have finally kicked writer’s block in the nuts!

8:24am: Rachel is feeling kinda ooky.

3:46pm: Rachel is slacking off.

9:25am: Rachel is milling around with the rest of the herd.

9:55am:: The Alpha Male departs and the herd disperses.

10:41am: Rachel is complaining about the weather/ The forecast is predicting a WEEKS worth of rain,from this Thursday to next Thursday! When will it END?!

11:24am: Rachel’s eyes glaze over.

2:42pm: Rachel feels an itch she can’t scratch.

3:35pm: Rachel wonders how much longer she can put up with the two jobs bullshit.


14 thoughts on “Facebook is my Twitter

  1. You crack me up!
    I have the twitter thing because I find it mildly amusing, but I rarely use it…
    Maybe I’ll update my tweet today…
    Maybe not….

    On a side note: Zack and Miri was great! Just saw that this past week during my little vacation…

  2. As I step out of lurker status…
    I agree that Twitter is useless. Almost as useless as Facebook, though I do enjoy the various time vampires of picking your Top Five [Insert Topic Here] when I lack motivation or interest for writing.
    And back to the shadows…

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