Fat Sisters

My sister and I started up a joint blog titled “Fat Sisters”. It is a fat acceptance/body acceptance/self-esteem blog. If you don’t know anything about FA, I strongly suggest you go check out Shapely Prose and read about how fat is not inherently unhealthy, how diets don’t work, and how the fantasy of being thin locks you in an unhappy life.

My sister and I will be sharing our progress towards accepting our own imperfect bodies, and towards healthy living with HAES(health at every size, a philosophy of food and exercize that is intuitive rather than formulaic tyranny).

Check it out! My first post went up late last night.


3 thoughts on “Fat Sisters

  1. Ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of meat on a lady.

    And I think Garfield covered this in the early 80s. Fat Week or something.

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