So I’ve got the dreaded swine flu (or so we assume since my symptoms and progression of said symptoms match). All in all, I gotta say this is nothing. Yeah, I feel like crap, but I’ve had worse flus, and I certainly don’t feel an impending death. All that talk about the aporkcalypse, the baconic plague, hamthrax, and so forth, seems to be naught media-whipped hysteria.

Yesterday, I watched some television. In my feverish state, I saw something so surreal, so fucked up, I had to take a bath and go to bed. Surely my mind had to have made it up! No one would actually make a car commercial with HAMSTERS bopping to music, now would they?!

Alas! Behold.



7 thoughts on “Oink!

  1. bastards. how dare Kia play with your fevered mind like that. nothing like a little surreal tv to addle poor swine-infected brains.

    hope you feel better soon.

  2. Flu fevers can be fun when you know you’re just home on the couch letting it pass.

    Now show the flu who’s the boss and eat some bacon. (Can you keep food down?)

  3. Truth is stranger than fiction. So if you treat swine flu with chicken soup are you more likely to contract bird flu?

  4. That commercial reminds me of that early Quiznos ad with the hamsters. They have these screwed-up faces and sing in a funky falsetto about eating Quiznos subs…

  5. aporkcalypse, the baconic plague, hamthrax,

    Such wonderful (and somehow shudder inducing) punning.

    So, are you the beginning of the dreaded pandemic? And to think yesterday I was wondering what had happened to that…

    As for that commercial – I saw it and even in my non-fevered state I had to wonder, as you did, “WHY”?

    And more to the point, who thought it up, and even more to the point, who thought it was a wonderful idea, and as ever: WHY??

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