Week of Memes: Friday

Here’s the last meme for the week and hopefully the last one for a very long time. There’s only so much of these things anyone can take!

Name: Rachel M.
Ethnicity: –Ish.
Height: a tall 5’2″
Hair Color: reddish
Eye Color: blue-grey-ish

Your opinions on…
Abortion: not for everyone, but its up to the individual to decide, not the church, the state, or society.

Capital Punishment: only for the truly evil and depraved. Case-by-case basis.

Immigration: why not? I could use a Consuela. Besides my Grandfathers were immigrants.

War: within reason. Diplomacy first. With a definite target/enemy and a definite plan. Not this nebulous and ineffective “war on drugs/poverty/terrorism/etc.” shit.

America: A work in progress.

Gay Marriage: theres nothing sacred about marriage, and therefore no good reason to bar it from gays and lesbians; and even if it were sacred, its still not a good reason for the US to prohibit it, as the US is a secular nation, not a theocracy.

The Economy: Needs a complete overhaul away from free-market capitalism. Viva la Socialism!

What Political Party are you: Liberal, obviously.

Extrovert or Introvert: Introvert

Favorite sport: none, really

Favorite person from that sport:N/A

Favorite person: my sister Jen

What bothers you: stupidity and ignorance

What are you passionate about: art and jewelry and writing and reading, biology and genetics, ethics and metaphysics and epistomology, politics and justice and social issues.

What do you really think about yourself: needs work

Favorite culture: none really.

Most attractive ethnicity: they all have about the same number of ugly people.

Favorite childhood cartoon: Animaniacs

Favorite childhood memory: teaching myself to swim, even though I ended up with sunstroke the next day.

Favorite subject: Biology and art

What do you want to be when you grow up: Writer and Jewelry Designer

What would be your ideal life: Mornings: story-making; afternoons:play-making; evenings: jewelry-making; nights:love-making.


9 thoughts on “Week of Memes: Friday

  1. Wouldn’t love-making be better in the day time so you don’t need to have the lights on to see what (who) you’re doing.

    Also, you’re less tired in the daytime. Use your energy for that. Relax at night.

  2. I really liked your answers to the social issue questions, except the one about the economy! I think that a mixed free-market system empoying some socialism, basically what we have now, is the way to go.

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