Week of Peeves: Tuesday

Pet peeve #2: Intellectual laziness or letting your brain become a blob of sludge.

It seriously irks me when people can’t be bothered to think. “Oh, yawn, my homework assignment requires me to do some research, I think I’ll go online and find someone to do the research for me.” Gah! Seriously, its not that hard to google or wiki something and let the flow of information carry you from one factual tidbit to another! Fuck, just go to a library and read! But NOOO, they can’t be bothered, because they got better things to do like look at boobies or paint their toenails, or shove their finger so far up their nostril, they can pick their brains.

Hell, its probably the only stimulation that brain ever gets.

It appalls me how the great information resource that is the Internet has instead become a resource for getting other people to think for you.

Creationists piss me off. It’s not their belief in divine creation that irks me, but rather the blind and rote denial of evolution, and the constant repetition of bad arguments that have long been refuted. No, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics does NOT apply to evolution. No, evolution is not “just a theory.” No, evolution has NOTHING to do with the creation of the universe, or with abiogenesis. Evolution HAS indeed been observed! Complex forms such as eyes and brains can and DO arise from simpler primogenitures. Genomes do change, grow, and decline, and micro-evolution on a universal clock will lead to notable and massive differences, i.e. macro-evolution.
Hearing the same misinformed points made over and over again is enough to make me bang my head against the wall.

And all it requires is a little education about what science is and the willingness to understand what evolution describes. But, NOOO, religious theocrats (see below) refuse the pollute the unquestioning minds of their young by allowing decent science education in schools! So they jam their booger-crusted fingers inside their ears and shout, “No, you’re all wrong!”

Theocrats or “culture warriors” need to shut the fuck up. Much like creationists, christian fundamentalists constantly parrot out the same religious arguments for social oppression. Gay marriage, medical suicide, abortion, and stem cell research are all issues that arise from religious opposition. The secular arguments against these topics are either weak, or nonexistent. And to constantly hear “It is wrong!” as sufficient reason to impose laws against them irks me as much as “evolution is just a theory!”

One’s religious convictions are not sufficient grounds for secular laws.
This is a secular country! Some of our Founders may indeed have been Christian, but others, such as Jefferson, weren’t. Regardless, the Founders created our government as a secular entity, wishing religion to be the provenance of the private lives of the People.

And this “keep Christ in Christmas” crap? As if Christians were being victimized by the secular absorption of a Pagan holiday? Bill O’Rielly, shut the fuck up.

Humans think. It is what we evolved to do. Our evolutionary strength is our ability to think. And too many people are letting t.v., magazines, polticians, religious leaders, and gawd help me, CELEBRITIES, do the thinking for them! What ever happened to taking things with a grain of salt, huh?

Oh yeah, salt causes hypertension and strokes. That explains everything!


9 thoughts on “Week of Peeves: Tuesday

  1. my doctor recently told me that there’s not a whole lot of connection between hypertension and salt. hmmmmm.

    creationism has been around forever. but we need to put it where it belongs. in the mythology section with. it’s literature.

  2. Let me beat my head against the wall with you.

    Here in Canada we have a Minister of Science and Technology, Gary Goodyear, who, as a Christian refuses to confirm he believes in evolution and a Minister of Culture who knew nothing about his culture when quizzed on a TV show. Granted, not knowing about Quebec culture when you’re English is forgivable (though he is the minister of Culture for the whole country). However not knowing anything about your own Anglo culture is pathetic – especially when it’s your job.

    Damn we need an Obama!!!

    OK, 1 -2- 3 start beating….

  3. Thank you for that. You put it so much more eloquently than I can. When it comes to stubborn creationists and theologists all I can say is “Are you…what the…I…RRRRRRRRRR!!!!!”

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