Week of Peeves: Monday

Pet Peeve #1: People who do not dress appropriately (for the weather, for their bodies, for their age, or for work).

Any woman, no matter their age or body shape, should NOT wear pants so tight their hips and belly spill over the waistband. Muffintops are not flattering on anyone! It makes me want to grab the poor girl and shout “You look like a goomba! Go up a size, I beg you!”

Let me ask you, my wise readers, would YOU wear this outfit–thin dress and strappy sandals–when the weather is in the 30s, windy and blustery, and the sky is about to belch snow and ice? Neither would I! But this past winter, I have seen several young women and girls wearing those kinds of clothes in exactly that kind of weather! It drives me nuts! A few were “wise” enough to wear a sweater or a coat over their dress, but the shoes! Flip flops in the snow! I ask you! I dont care if they dont “feel” the cold, its not smart. Flipflops dont protect against ice: one is more likely to fall in flipflops than in shoes, and that’s on dry land! On ice? A fall into a snowbank in a fluffy dress? First, hilarious, and secondly, a precursor to the flu. If YOU get the flu, then I get the flu! Your stupid dressing choices are making me sick! Wear jeans and boots! Gawd!

The same applies to the idiot fellows in shorts.

And last but not least: dressing like a homeless person at work is NOT appropriate. Sweats, bedroom slippers, and a bandana as a head wrap, does not reflect well on the company’s professional image. Put some effort into your appearance, if not for your co-workers, then for yourself! You would do wonders for your self-confiedence and your social life, as well as your appearance!

I also hate the current trends in fashion design and how men and boys seem to think that baggy clothes look good on them.


7 thoughts on “Week of Peeves: Monday

  1. Uhm, yeah, I don’t think anybody likes muffintops. I know I’ve pontificated against them myself.
    My thoughts on May 7th of last year.
    “Speaking of women who show to much skin. How about muffintops. I’ve got nothing against women with a bit of meat on them. I kinda like it. But you get these women who are a little bit overweight walking around in low-rider pants that are two sizes too small, then they wear those baby tees that leave their midrift showing. The tightness of the clothing forces the flab into the naked area of the lower torso. It makes the woman look like she’s wearing a flesh-coloured innertube; a picture perfect image of a spare tire.”

  2. I just saw a kid today wearing those baggy shorts… I wanted to shout out to him: “hey, were did you get the clown pants”? Wearing a baseball cap backwards is another one… the brim is supposed to shade your eye, so what is the brim shading, your neck?

    Seriously, I think people come up with this stuff just to see if they have any influence on popular culture. Hey, I wonder if I start wearing my underwear on my head, everybody else will also? I am utterly puzzled why some of these silly trends take hold!!

  3. A whole week of these? Keep ’em coming!!!

    The whole baggy clothes thing is out of control. I saw a kid literally lose his pants last week.

    Why is it that girls wear clothes three sizes too small and guy wear it 10 sizes too big?

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