Not-So-Random Recent Thoughts

  • Yay! A raise…I am thankful for my pittance.
  • Obama cuts taxes then CT raises them: the ‘lord’ giveth and the ‘lord’ taketh away.
  • and credit cards taketh some more…
  • I am glad that the vast reservoir of charisma that is the President and First Lady is in service of my country.
  • …”Starlight and Brimstone” might not be the right title for this story…
  • This bra is too tight.
  • From CNN: “The unemployment rate climbed to 8.5% from 8.1% in February, in line with economists’ forecasts. It was the highest since October, 1983” I am thankful for my pittance.

9 thoughts on “Not-So-Random Recent Thoughts

  1. I have decided to spend my way out of my financial “crisis.” This saving money thing I have been doing for years hasn’t been working so well.

    But, at least I don’t have to buy any bras.

  2. Jaded: burn in trash can? That sounds kinda dangerous; I might die of smoke inhalation!

    Jen: You had bad ADHD. Heh, the unemployment rate is still rising, and is forcasted to go into low double digits. Hang on to your hats, people! You might need it to beg alms!

    Jazz; my boobs are massive, sometimes its more comfortable to wear a good bra. But, I still let them free every night!

    Electrician: Funny, this Spend-like-theres-no-tommorow life ive been living hasnt done me any good either. Wheres the middle ground?!

  3. I’m with the others, get rid of the bra.

    And good on you for the increase of your pittance. Keep it up and the pittance may eventually become… What’s one degree above a pittance? A modicum? A small allowance? A goat?

    A goat??? I gotta get a thesaurus that’s not printed in a nation which still functions under the barter system.

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