Funny bones?

I’ve recently come to the conscious realization of something I’ve known subconsiously nearly all my life: I’m not funny. I can make people laugh, but only when I’m not trying. Indeed, I’ve noticed that I am my funniest when I am at my most serious. A rant, for example, elicits hearty guffaws. If I think about this–and knowing myself, I will–I am offended. My genuine feelings of annoyance and ire and yea, even affront, are cause of mirth? Seriously, people, what the fuck is that? That seems remarkably disrespectful to me!

I’ve been told by several people dear to me that my humor, when it manifests, is dry, nonsensical, and sometimes sardonic; “Bristish-ish”; and since I’m not trying to be funny (see point above), I conclude that I am naturally dry, nonsensical, sardonic and British-ish. As an American, I am offended, as well as baffled. What the hell does that–“British-ish”– mean?.
I have watched Monty Python, and Mr. Bean, and confess myself a great fan of both, but Monty Python or Rowan Aktinson, I am not! They try to be funny, and they suceed!

The irony of this post is not lost on me. I am aware that since this is a borderline rant, and that I am completely serious, I know that some of you are deriving amusement at my bemusement, and are likely laughing at me (I’m looking at you, sister dear! And you too, miss schadenfruede!). And honestly, I don’t think this post is funny at all: I’m not trying to make you laugh! I’m trying to make you feel sorry for me, damn it!

Its not right. Not right at all.


6 thoughts on “Funny bones?

  1. Sorry, I’m one of those who had the grin…..

    Funny though. I’m half of a couple where Mr. Jazz is the funny one. He’s the clown; when we’re with people I sort of fade into the background.

    Whenever I’m alone with friends and I get going (or when they read my blog) they’re always surprised that I’m funny (with the whole sardonic, british-ish wit).

    It’s truly bizarre, because they expect Mr. Jazz to be funny, but not me. So I shouldn’t be. It’s destabilizing. As for Mr. Jazz he simply doesn’t understand it, ’cause he thinks I’m way funnier than he is.

    Go figure.

  2. There was an interesting study (see link below) done on humor. Apparently women generally find men who are funny more attractive, while humor is not a huge factor in men’s selection of a partner.

    Like you, I’ve always felt like I’ve never been the class clown or barrel of laughs. I also seem to have a dry, “British-ish” sense of humor. In England I felt so at ease because people actually “got” my sense of humor! I think there are just some people that will understand your sense of humor more than others (in my case, more than most of the American population), but that doesn’t mean that your sense of humor isn’t there.

    And don’t worry–as the study above indicates, men don’t really care about humor so much anyway. ; )

    Still, I’ve always thought that I’ll end up with the guy who makes me laugh more than anyone else. What about you?

  3. Maybe there is a book for this…kind of like the “for dummies” series.

    Try “momma” jokes. It will teach you how to be funny, how to find the boundary between “funny” and “rude” and, finally, how to take a punch in the face.

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