So I like to make lists. Sue me.

Another 10 on Tuesday

10 things on my to-do list

1. Get Internet set up on my computer. This has been a process. The previous tenant never cancelled his or her cable account, and Comcast, with typical bureaucratic ignorance of reason, doesn’t believe I live in the unit now. And I can’t make use of the free signals because I have neither the modem or the cable box. Previous tenant must have taken the boxes with him/her, or Comcast is looking at the records for the wrong unit. Whatever. I have to go to a payment center to prove my residency and get the damn cable.

2. Buy the components for my Vika art table at IKEA. $100, OMG! Most art desks/work tables cost upwards of $200; IKEA rocks. I still need a good jeweler’s bench though. IKEA doesn’t have that.

3. Go to the Post Office. Send package to Allie. Fill out forwarding address forms. Get stamps.

4. Go to City Hall and make my new address official with taxes, DMV, and registrar.

5. Resume writing “Starlight and Brimstone”, a short story featuring golems, necromancy, demons, and a young monk chosen to act as an agent of God.

6. Finish up some canvases so that I have some more stuff to put on my walls. I have too many unfinished works, and not enough finished ones!

7. Start prep-work for my first summer novelling endeavor: 100-day Novel (80K words minimum). Project courtesy of my friend Ian. I might expand the writing period to begin Memorial Day and end Labor Day, and make the word count a minimum of 100K words. That’s 952 words a day for 15 weeks. After Nano, definitely accomplishable. The question that remains for me is: Fantasy or Literary?

8. Start cooking in earnest again. Bread, cookies, pototoes, chicken fried steak, etc…

9. Go swimming this summer, a lot. The activity will be good for me. Plus, being immersed in water is spiritually rejuvenating.

10. Join a social group or cause. So I don’t become a hermit. Not that being a reclusive hermit is a bad thing, I just don’t want my life to be devoid of human interactions. Art and books can only expand one’s horizons so much!


6 thoughts on “So I like to make lists. Sue me.

  1. That’s an impressive set of goals I agree with you about the feeling of swimming. I find it very meditative. I was swimming for a while but the comunity center pool is so heavily chlorinated my eyes would burn for days afterwards. (I can’t stand googles – it feels like they are sucking my eyeballs out of my skull.)

  2. Wow, you have a wonderful list of things to help you.

    Pursuing goals like that can really help enrich your life.

    Oh, and when you finish “Starlight and Brimstone” will you please post it? I’d really like to have a read.

  3. i’ve always liked the word ‘necromancy’. i think i’d be disappointed if it meant something like ‘the knitting of a tea cosy’ or something.

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