A few of my favorite things

My life has gone through a lot of changes in the past few months: I broke up with the first and only man I have ever loved; I moved out of the apartment we shared and into an apartment of my own; and my elderly cat is beginning the long process of dying. But brooding on bad things too long is not good for one’s health, physically, mentally, or socially. So, taking my cue from Ms. Jazzy Jazz, I will list 50(!) Things that make my heart lift from that ol’ doom-and-gloom.

1. Reading a good book
2. A cup of hot tea
3. A long steamy bath
4. A glass or two of sweet wine
5. Chocolates
6. Sparkling gemstones, unset (I have a box full of unset stones I love to handle and make designs for.)
7. Metalworking (I WILL do this again someday!)
8. Painting.
9. Being in the “flow.” (Term refers to the state of creative energy in which the artist is deep in the process, barely conscious of outside world–not an easy state for me to get into!)
10. Bookstores/Libraries: being surrounded by books relaxes me.
11. Hugs, given and received.
12. Friends.
13. Family.
14. Cooking.
15. Eating.
16. Swimming.
17. Warm, sunny days.
18. The colors the clouds make when the sun shines through.
19. The colors of the sunset after an afternoon thunderstorm.
20. Thunderstorms and dark roiling clouds.
21. Ripe fruit right off the mother plant.
22. Napping under the sun on a soft blanket on soft earth.
23. My cat’s purring rumbles when I hold her close.
24. The scent of a clean cat’s fur.
25. Walking into a candleshop and sniffing every candle in sight.
26. Petting animals, feeling the softness of their coats.
27. Wearing silky clothes.
28. Finding clothes that fit.
29. Meeting new friends and knowing that the friendship will last a long time.
30. Discussing politics, society, religion, science, and philosophy whith someone just as engaged in the subject as I am.
31. Coversations without awkwardness or inhibition.
32. My Blackberry and the connection to the world it provides.
33. Making people laugh.
34. Making people go “ew, gross!”
35. Compliments, given and received.
36. Payday.
37. Dancing. I’d never do it in public, or with someone watching, but when no one is looking, I will dance a little dance, and it makes me smile.
38. Simple songs in my head. Usually old folk songs or Broadway tunes.
39. Crossing off items from my To Do Lists.
40. Purging junk.
41. Reorganizing clutter and moving furniture to new arrangements
42. An IBS-symptom-free day.
43. An uninterrupted full night’s sleep.
44. Waking up with dreams that I remember and can record.
45. Being OFF birth control and having my moods, mind, and body back to normal.
46. Stepping out of Grand Central and into the steam and bustle of New York City.
47. Discovering a new book by my favorite authors.
48. A long drive on a sunny day towards a sunny destination.
49. Taking stupid personality quizzes of the sort found in Blogthings.com or in women’s magazines.
50. Completing a blog post and posting it. I don’t do enough of it.

As it was once said in the musical “The Sound of Music”
When the dog bites, when the stings, when you’re feeling bad;
Just remember a few of your favorite things, then you won’t feel so sad!


10 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. a lot of your happy things make me happy, too 🙂

    it’s too bad we don’t reside closer to one another b/c it just so happens that i love to GIVE hugs!

  2. Wonderful list. Well, except for sweet wines.

    And you know what? I don’t think it’s even natural to be forever with your first love. It would pevent you from having other great loves. (From a Judy Bats song, “And I say, if I’ve had my great loves, what’s worth living for?”)

  3. I did this very same thing when I was going through depression, and I also shared it on my blog.

    Many of your things are the things that make me happy, and they’re things that a large number of people take for granted.

    You have the ability to find beauty and allure in the everyday, a very artistic trait.

    You seem really, really cool.

  4. I’m glad because you listed so many things that make me glad, too – I’ve been through a breakup, and I know how important it is to focus on the things that make you you you.

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