If I Tweeted…

  • I moved into my own apartment! Lesson learned from unpacking: I’ve got too much crap.
  • Fact: Trickle-down Economics doesn’t work. So, instead of bailing out the banks, why not bail out the debts of consumers? No debt=more spending=better economy.
  • Just learned that my cat, my companion of 17 years, has chronic renal (kidney) failure.
  • Cat recently had a lion cut, as per the vet’s orders. See the pics here.
  • I am currently obessing over health care issues. I should write a blog post sometime.
  • I’m cold, but I refuse to wear a coat, because its spring, damnit.
  • Comcast should include a PITA bundle in their bundle lineups. Bundle includes: shitty service, lousy policies, and crappy programing.
  • Regarding former relationships: shit may be over and gone, but the stink still lingers.

8 thoughts on “If I Tweeted…

  1. That too much crap lesson I re-learn every time I move!

    And oh my, that poor humiliated cat. No lion would stand for that.

  2. TADA! missed ya’.

    We’ve been through kitty renal failure, my sympathies.

    new place, new start, leave the ex drek behind?

    hang in there.

  3. Sorry to hear the stink is still lingering. May I suggest a puppy? They ruin any kind of odour you may have, for better or worse!

  4. Glad to hear you’re settling into a new apartment! I’m actually looking into getting my own apartment right now, too. Good luck with all that! *hug*

  5. It so hard to get rid of all the residue an ex leaves behind. I hate to read about kitty issues, but seventeen years of good to reasonable health is pretty awesome.

  6. Disregard the email I sent. You’re BACK!!!

    I had to have one of my cats shaved like that. He was very very annoyed.

    And the stink eventually fades. It does.

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