Another 10 on Tuesday

Another prompt from 10 on Tuesday

10 Ways You Can Make Your Life Better

1. Surround yourself with loving people: family and friends who adore you unequivocally.

The best thing I have ever done for myself was to leave an unhappy and unpromising relationship. Now I find myself in a home with my sister who loves me as a best friend and mother hen, a brother-in-law who I think likes me, and two young nephews who greet me with hugs and joy when I come through the door. I have friends, old and new: at work, and in the world around me, and on the internet, who fill my days with their happy words, their concerns, and their joy to be knowing me. They are the best medicine, and like sugar and honey to swallow.

2. Understand your fears and stand up to them. Then they won’t control you.

One of my greatest fears has always been rejection and abandonment. I may always have that fear, but now that I have suffered it, and came through it intact, I am not afraid to face it again. I know that it will hurt, but I do have the strength to survive.

3. Plan for your future and make room for your dreams.

My dream is to live a creative life, and live that life as free from worries such as money and health as much as is possible. I need to develop an realistic plan that will make that dream come true.

4. Fall into your passions with full abandon and desire.

Passions are essential to a meaningful existence. My passions are jewelry, writing, and loving. I need to design and practice my jewelry-making passions; I need to indulge in my love of writing lyrical prose and telling stories; and I need to share my limitless capacity to love with the right person.

5. Eliminate all your worries and excesses.

A worry-free life is a content life. Excesses lead to troubles and worries. For me this means means managing my spending and my debt. I’m doing good with that. Though there are times when I could do better!

6. Cultivate a cause and support it in whatever way you can.

This is something I need to do, as I have never been much of an activist, or a champion of issues. But it would enrich my life, and myself, to take on a meaningfulness that exists outside of myself. I need to think on this: what issues mean enough to me to fight for?

7. Learn. Cultivate curiosity. Seek out knowledge. Open your senses.

My brain needs stimulous to feel alive. It needs sights and scents, tastes and textures. It needs to make connections and create patterns. It needs to understand what it senses. And beyond that, it–I–needs to know the how and the what and the why. Neurons firing and synapses connecting, processing information and new understandings–such makes the world new everyday, and life becomes an adventure. But its impossible to learn if my mind is wrapped up in its own cocoon of shadowed thoughts.

I must cultivate an open mind and open senses. Still the I and let the Eye dominate.

8. Eat well. Eat mindfully. Eat happy.

As I have once explained at length in this post:

“…Food has always been a emotional comfort to me (which is as it should be–if eating were a an unpleasant, dreadful task, we would avoid eating….The joy of eating is part of the healthy mind.) But experience has taught me that certain foods do not sit well inside my body; the more so as I grow older, and the more I realize that the more of certain foods I consume, the less healthy I feel, even if the consumption of that food brings me a transient joy.”

I need to eat foods that make me happy, both physically and emotionally, and avoid the foods that make me ill. Moderation is key here, as it is in so many things.

9.Return all the gifts of love and joy you receive as gifts to those you love.

Nothing makes me happier than to know that I have made my dearest people happy. In so many ways, everything I do, and everything I hope to do, is to see them smile. It is in the little things I do; the teasings, the jokes, helping out with chores, saying yes instead of no.

10. Don’t forget to pamper yourself.

There are certain private pleasures I need to indulge in to feel content. Bathing is my foremost indulgence. A long, steamy hot bath does much to wash away the day’s cares, and uncoil muscles tight with tension. Chocolate is another. It is an emotional restorative in many ways–where a bath restores the body, chocolate restores my spirit.


9 thoughts on “Another 10 on Tuesday

  1. This is one of the best manuals for a better life I’ve ever read. I wish you the best of luck in following this path you’ve set for yourself. I know you can do it.

  2. Truly fantastic list. And it sounds to me like you are coming out the other side of the break-up a much stronger woman. I can’t tell you how glad I am to read this.

  3. Great advice, lovely post. : )

    I am sentimental. Maybe tend to overanalyze a tad. (Me? Never!)

    Glad to read that you’re starting to feel good again!

  4. 11 – coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Sure, this could go under the “pamper yourself” category, but in my life, coffee is pretty much its own thing. COFFEE!

  5. look at you being all positive. you make me want to go out and do something. but i probably won’t. i’m recuperating.

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