Another Interview

Thanks go to Woozie for this batch. Wooz: finally, eh?

If you’d like me to interview you, just say so in the comments and you’ll get personalized questions from yours truly!

1. Of course I don’t really know the status of your arms but if they had noticeable (but not ridiculous amounts of) hair on them, would you shave them?

No. Its bad enough I have to shave my legs. I should never have started.

2.If I showed up completely sober on your doorstep at 2 AM wearing nothing but a slightly transparent Soviet flag, what would you do?

First, I would panic at seeing a naked black dude, then I’d recognize your sweet drunk face, and take you inside for a cup of tea. And put clothes on you. And feed you eggs for breakfast at noon.

3. Lyrically speaking, do you have a favorite song? If so, why do you like it?

This was a hard one. Speaking lyrically–that is, the best lyrics ever–I’d have to say that today it would be “Faith of the Heart.” Why? Because there a lot of hope, confiedence, and determination inbued in the words, and I find it very uplifting.

4. If you could make sexytime with any woman (yes, woman) who would it be and why?

The only reply I have to that is that I WOULDN’T. Sorry ladies, I’ll french ya and fondle yer boobs, but touching another woman’s love tunnel kinda grosses me out. And having another woman touch my love tunnel grosses me out just a little less.

5. How happy would you be if I let you call me girlfriend?

I’d be so estactic, I’d give you strawberries and chocolate fondue and go shopping for sex toys with you! SO CAN I???

10 thoughts on “Another Interview

  1. Haha, funny post. Please don’t ever fondle my mosquito bites, er, boobs. Heh. And the phrase “love tunnel” creeps me out. Weird.

    Please do interview me! : )

  2. How does kissing and fondling not count as sexytime?

    If you wouldn’t be offended if it took me some time to answer, I’d love an interview.

  3. i’d love an interview.

    maybe it would FINALLY get me writing again.

    and love tunnel… gross. hahahahha!

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