Ten on Tuesday

Today’s 10 on Tuesday list meme is to list one’s favorite 10 ethnic foods. Mine, in order of favoriteness, are:

1. Sushi; norimakisushi to be precise. I like trying out the house special rolls.

2. Indian; Chicken Tikki Masala with buttered naan.

3. Russian; Beef Stroganoff with a glass of White Russian

4. Mexican; Any good, overstuffed burrito not from Taco Bell.

5. Chinese; General Tso’s Chicken

6. Japanese; Somen salad–a chilled rice noodle salad made with fresh veggies and tossed with a soy-sesame dressing

7. French; Coq au Vin

8. British; Mulligatawny Soup

9. Italian; Bolongese over fettucine

10. Greek; Stuffed grape leaves and baklava


8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Annie http://sisterwisdom.com/blog/2009/02/24/10-on-tuesday-ethnic-foods-and-cookbook-giveawa/(Cookbook Give Away this week!) says:

    I am so hungry now… too many lists of food. I think I have to go rework my menu for this week!

  2. I lovelots of foods from different cultures. But, leaving out the chicken and beef ones – I like all these. Espcially sushi. And dolmades. Mmmm.

  3. Oops. It was pointed out to me that Mulligatawny was actually invented by a Brit who used Indian spices to make the soup. Who knew? Not me obviously…

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