An ancient custom revived

In ages past, the first blogs were known as “weblogs” and it was the geek’s/nerd’s intent to establish a record of websites visited and the response that site elicited within him/her.

In honor of that ancient custom, today I present a log of websites I have visited today, during the wee slow hours of my tedious labors.

25 forms of villiany

Intro to modern lit theory

For the wordy wordsmiths among us, tell those literary minimalists to STFU!


I’m hungry and there are rules?

In other news, crazy day at work. Our supplies were stuck in Memphis overnight and most of the day due to first weather then technical problems. Where we usually get our work for the day and next morning by 10:30 am, today everything arrived at 2:00 pm. And 90 percent of it had to be done today, due to a priority turn-over of 24 hours. I’m pooped. And now I’m off to job number 2.

Yay me.


5 thoughts on “An ancient custom revived

  1. Poor girl! You know what they say, “No rest for the wicked.” Although by the sounds of it, you don’t have any time to be wicked. Hope you can find a few spare moments to let your hair down! Wish you could come to a riotous Mardi Gras celebration with me this weekend.

    I’m glad you’re pro-LGBT rights, too. : )

  2. Now, I love wordsmithing as much as the next writer but there is no way I am reading that walloftext of a New York Times piece.

  3. You can whittle chopsticks? What, you bring a knife and cut them down to size? I’m confused.

    But then it’s early morning.

    Don’t work so hard Rachel. You’ll be too pooped to be an evil undead minion.

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