Update and Interviewed

Okay, I am now settled in with my sister’s family, who have taken me in for my own good, to help me find my own way and my own place. The move went well–quick and smooth. All my stuff is now in storage. My cat and my sister’s cat are still trying to negotiate a mutual co-existence. It seems to be going ok, though who can say with cats?

On my mind now is getting a haircut, saving money, possibly getting that tattoo, and meeting new people and having fun again. I am also retraining my mind to obsess over my creative pursuits instead of relationship troubles and bottled-up words.

A while ago, Ian sent me five interview questions for me to answer here, and now I have the focus and ability to answer them:

1. What in your mind is the greatest piece of art ever created by human hands?

This is a difficult question for me to answer because I don’t really think of art that way. I don’t even have a favorite, though there are pieces of art that I admire more than others, for various reasons, but I don’t think of any of them as great. I also don’t think “great” art even exists–it has never existed, and will never exist. Art is always building up upon the works that came before it–creative minds feed successive creative minds, and all works are a memetic unit of a larger cultural evolution. This evolution has no purpose or aim; it is directionless and random. Greatness is an illusory ambition. Artists simply seek to survive as artmakers. And it is the fittest, not the greatest, that survive to reproduce, and create more art for future generations to build upon.

That being said, there is one particular work that stands out in my mind–and that is due entirely to its emotional resonance, not any inherent greatness.
That work is Henri Rousseau’s “Tiger in the Storm.”

2. Who is your favorite author and why? (Note: don’t say it’s me! Lol)

For the same reasons stated above, I don’t have a favorite author. There are writers whose specific works or oeuvre I admire for various reasons. Refer to my 25 Writers post for specific examples. I was asked in the comments of that post how those works influenced me. The answer to that also will serve as the answer to this question:

These writers influence me simply by standing out in my mind as being memorable and worthy of emulation. It is mood, theme, texture, lyricism, and drama that gets to me, and all of these works–even the non-fictions–carry these literary tasks well. Whether the works are light or dark, fiction or nonfiction, there is a subtlety and maturity in the narrative voices that I find very effective in terms of emotional and intellectual impact, and I do strive to imbue those same characteristics in my own writing.

3. Your house is on fire and you only have time to save five things. What are they?

Well aside from the obvious non-material things such as family members and pets, these five things are:

  • My computer. My whole life, professional, financial, creative, and personal is contained in those silicon chips. It would be very hard to return to a sense of normalcy without access to those things.
  • My wallet. I will need access to my money when I struggle to get back on my feet.
  • My hearing aid. Its hard to function outside of my home without my hearing aid. There’s a reason why its called an “aid”, after all. Plus, it isn’t cheap. $1500 a pop isn’t easy to come by.
  • My Blackberry. It is my only connection to humanity beyond face-to-face contact. In this world, you need a phone to survive. This is the best phone I can use, and it, like a hearing aid, is damn expensive to replace.
  • An extra sweater and a clean pair of undies. It sucks to be cold and grimy.

4. You win an all-expenses-paid trip anywhere in the world. Where do you go?

I would take a long Mediterranean cruise aboard an adults-only boat. OR I would stay at an adults-only Caribbean beach resort like Sandals.

5. You can change one single event in the past to a different outcome. What do you do?

The easy answer would be that I would have left Brian sooner, when I learned conclusively that he had no intentions of honoring me, when I knew he was cheating on me.

I’m sure I will have a different and better answer when events are no longer so fresh in my mind.


Thank you, Ian, for these questions. And don’t think I have forgotten that you owe me some, Woozie!


6 thoughts on “Update and Interviewed

  1. Interesting answers. Thanks for sharing them with us. Now I have to go look up that painting because I don’t know what it looks like.

  2. 3 of your save-from-the-fire objects are electronic!

    As for #4, I am tkaing the liberty of adding to that fantasy: at your adults-only cruise or island resort, you meet someone far better than Brian and have an wild fling. Yay!

  3. I like your answer to the first question. Probably my favourite piece of art is Nude Descending a Staircase by Marcel Duchamp.

    How about we run away to Sandals together!

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