25 Writers

I got this from Ian via Facebook.

The orginal instructions:
List the names of the 25 writers who have influenced you in the “Write Note” box, then post and tag your friends. Author Raymond Benson started this meme — so tag him, too, when you tag your 25 friends who appreciate fiction and poetry or other writing.

As always, I don’t do tags, so if you are interested in doing this, feel free to tag thyself.

I have also added the specific work(s) from these authors that influenced me.

1. Stephen R Donaldson-“Reave the Just and Other Tales.”
2. Edgar Allen Poe-“The Tell-tell Heart” and “The Bells.”
3. Robert Jordan-the first half of The Wheel of Time epic.
4. J R R Tolkein-“The Hobbit”
5. Mercedes Lackey-The Heralds of Valdemar series
6. Tamora Pierce-the Song of the Lioness quartet
7. Tanith Lee-“When the Clock Strikes”
8. Amy Tan-“The Joy Luck Club”
9. David Eddings-“The Belgariad”
10. C Dale Britain-Wizard of Yurt series
11. Robert A Heinlein-“Glory Road” and “By His Bootstraps.”
12. Terry Pratchett-“The Color of Magic” and “Small Gods.”
13. Piers Anthony-Xanth series
14. Raymond E Feist-“Magician”
15. Richard Preston-“The Hot Zone”
16. Fydor Dostevsky-“Crime and Punishment”
17. Ursula K LeGuin-“Those Who Walk Away from Omelas”
18. Ray Bradbury-“Farenheit 451”
19. Marc Haddon-“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”
20. Audrey Niffenneger-“The Time-Traveler’s Wife.”
21. T S Eliot-“Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” and certain passages from “The Wasteland”
22. Robert Browning-“The Last Duchess”
23. Malcolm Gladwell-“Outliers”
24. Daniel Quinn-The Ishamael quartet
25. Matt Ridley-“Genome”


4 thoughts on “25 Writers

  1. Ok, let’s start this again…. I was commenting on your list and this was getting way too long, so i hit delete and let me just say that we have lots of favourites in common.


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