Blogging by the Hour: Part Deux

6:30 AM
Meh. Do I have to go to work today? Its too damn cold for this shit.

7:30 AM
Why are you driving the speed limit?! Honestly, who drives the speed limit?! GO!!!

8:30 AM
I wonder if its too late to ask my bosses for some time off for President’s day? *fret* Sure wish I could travel some place warm, like Tuscan or even Houston…

9:30 AM
Free donuts, bagels, cream cheese (oooo, three flavors!) and coffee? What’s the occaison? More to the point, who’s trying to fatten us up?!
Even more to the point; do I care?…nom, no I don’t think I do, nomnomnom.

10:30 AM
Reading this.

11:30 AM
*thinks about the throughline to her next writing project, a short story tentatively titled “Lord of Scale and Bone”*

12:30 PM
UGH! I’ve eatten too many carbs, and not the good kind. How many ways can one say “potty?”

1:30 post delayed due to professional obligations.

*excerpt* Brother Corwyn trudged in the mud, his feet the only part of him affected by the weeping sky.

2:30 PM
*loud high pitch squeal as metal vacuum head scrapes against linoleum tiles* GOD I hate that vacuum so bad!!!!!

3:30 PM
…Chicken, oranges, maybe grapes if the grapes look good, definitely need bananas, cat litter, and oh! Can’t forget the baby-be-gone pills! What else do I need…

4:30 post delayed due to traffic conditions

Why does rush hour traffic have to suck so bad?

5:30 – 7:30 posts cancelled due to having a life.

8:30: T.V. Sucks balls tonight.


9 thoughts on “Blogging by the Hour: Part Deux

  1. houston?! if you come to houston you have to tell me b/c i’d TOTALLY make a trip down there to meet you!!

  2. I was going to ask you how you can drive while being deaf but I guess you can still see people giving you the finger so it works….

    If I were you, I’d just lean on the horn and be all like, “What!?”

    I hate it when work gets in the way of my blogging day.

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