Five Alternate Lives

From mirandaray

“If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each?”

Assuming that my personality, skills, and interests remains constant in each of those five hypothetical lives (which is unlikely, I will add–for a person is not just what she is but is also what she has lived through, and the Lords of Chaos hold sway over experience just as the Lords of Order hold dominion over matter):

1. Jewelry designer/studio jeweler
Living in Manhattan, designing sparkling beauties for the wealthy and the celebrities, and creating gallery pieces for the craft and art world, on a personal mission to propel the world of taste, design, and aesthetics forward.

2. Fantasy and Literary Novelist
Best-selling novelist whose epic fantasy sagas and thought-provoking literary works are breathlessly sought after by publishers and readers alike.

3. Judge
Impartial and compassionate, yet firm and unyielding in the task of interpreting and applying the Laws of our Land, for the continued welfare of our country. Career culminates in a Supreme Court Justiceship.

4. Nun
Yes, I am an atheist, but there is something about the cloistered life–days spent in contemplation, service, and with a close knit community of like-minded souls–that I find appealing. The religious bits and asceticism are a bit much, however.

5. Presidential Cabinet Member (preferably under Obama)
To serve my country as a thinking, creative problem-solver–to be a technocrat, rather than a politician, using my expertise and skills and passions to propel the country into a new age of progressive humanist ideals–what could be more meaningful or patriotic?


9 thoughts on “Five Alternate Lives

  1. Nun. snort. How about a Buddhist nun of the zen/mindfulness variett where the whole God bit isn’t required?

  2. Oooh, have you ever thought about designing jewelry in this life? Seriously, you could go to the GIA school in California and open up your own jewelry store or work for a line. I could totally see you doing that! In fact, I thought I might do that at one time. Here's the website. I hear it's a super program, with business classes & advice, too.

    I often think about alternate life plans. Since I've thought about this so much, I can't confine my choices to 5, so I think my top 7 would include:

    1. Zoologist/exotic animal trainer (some days I really want to do this in real life)

    2. Fashion/Wedding Dress Designer

    3. Painter/art professor (I don't produce enough art to validate me going to school for this, but it sounds so intoxicating)

    4. Movie Star

    5. Buddhist nun (I agree, a calm, reflective life would be great in a lot of ways. Not so much the religious part, though.)

    6. Pop star (what can I say, fame is seductive, yet when I really think about it, I don't want to be famous, nor do I really believe I have the talent)

    7. Travel guide/travel show host (anything to see the world)

  3. Jen: do. It. Now. Lol.

    Em: like obama, they can take my blackberry when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

    Jazz: I know its so implausible, but its true!

    Citizen: that’s the kind I was thinking about: to be a zen nun. But the celibacy and the ascectism kinda puts me off. I’m not giving up my blackberry!

    Poet: I know all about GIA and I’d love to go but circumstances (money and personal obligations) prevent that from being an option at this time.

  4. fascinating list. some don’t surprise me… some do.

    nun? wow. i sort of get where you’re saying. but then again… a nun does what she does… lives that lifestyle out of devotion to what (who) she believes in. it’s all in service to Him. so minus religion, a nun wouldn’t exist.

    just sayin’ 🙂

    but i can definitely see you in one of the political roles. i don’t agree with your politics. but your passion for it would make you ideally suited, and i think you’d do better in one of these roles than someone simply in it for politics-sake.

  5. I believe there are job openings in all those fields, though the cabinet openings will be filling fast…Have you you read any of the books in the Gregory McGuire’s wicked series? The cloistered life reminds me of the mauntery, not all pledges are scholars of divinity.

  6. Fascinating choices. I am also drawn to a monkish life and believe that I must have been one in previous incarnations. The religious practices not so much, though.

    I can easily see you as a designer of elegant/artsy jewelry, arbiter of tastes, or as a member of President Obama’s Cabinet.

    This is an exciting idea, five other lives, and I would also assume that I would still be me with different possibilities, which calls for a suspension of reality.

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