Grand Reopening

This post is dedicated to Kara’s pointy-toed boot, which I suspect is spit-polished red patent, cuz she’s like that, I just know it.

While Barack Obama was being sworn into office, a smaller, more personal and no less significant inauguration was taking place in my own little world. My new phone finally arrived, and it is just now set up to merge into my text-driven life.

It is a dark red Blackberry Curve, and I loves it. It is my precious. I will be able to resume the hobbies my old phone became too obsolete to do: namely, blogging and commenting. I am also now able to visit multimedia sites such as youtube and lolcats. This makes for many squees and lulz.

Soon, when I am done squeeing and lulzing and catching up on comments, I will write some real posts, with some real thoughts–if I am still capable of thoughts. The lure of my precious is strong.


10 thoughts on “Grand Reopening

  1. now that you’ve written about how much you love it, you will of course drop it into either the toilet or a peat bog.

    if it’s the latter it will be preserved for all time.

  2. Kara

    Do you know that happened to me once. My very first phone, my first sidekick. I was pottying and it was in my back pocket. I stood up and pulled up my pants and the clunky thing slid out of my pocket and plopped–just like the turds I had just eliminated–into the water. – tried to save it but it was most assuredly crapped out (yes, pun intended)

  3. That is quite the dilemma. Good luck figuring out that one! Which one really calls to you? Or does nothing call to you? I believe in you! You can do anything you want!! : )

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