16 Things

From Ian, via the ol’ Facebook.

Tell us 16 random things; shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you thinks.
As always, I don’t do tags, so if you want to tackle this meme, feel free to tag yourself.

1. MMM. Donuts. Nomnomnom.

2. Will Smith did a really good job in ‘Seven Pounds’. Mucho recommendos!

3. Squee! Obama will be President in 2 weeks!

4. Shopping list: toilet paper, mold and mildew remover, bananas, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, carrots, wine.

5. The crab cakes Brian had weren’t bad…maybe I can learn to like shellfish after all…

6. Boots or no boots? That is the question. Whether tis nobler to clad my shins in garb of leather, or to buck the capricious whims of fashion! To stride, or to stride not, and by not striding, to stride no more; aye! there’s the rub!

7. Pink socks with a blue cashmere sweater looks awesome!

8. Crap! IBS stomach cramps. Damn donuts.

9. If I weren’t working, I’d be blogging. I am blogging, therefore I am not working. Wait what? What am I doing here at work then? Oh yeah…getting paid. Cool.

10. Good idea: having friends. Great idea: reconnecting with old friends. Chatting with old friends again: best thing ever!

11. My age accelerates as the aeons accumulate, and ancient lines doth appear upon my mein, alas. But at least I have aquired alliterative aptitudes.

12. Its not Duck (quack quack) tape, its DUCT tape! Duct: as in a hollow tube through which air or liquids pass. I don’t care that some manufacturers call their product “duck tape” that’s just the name they call their brand of DUCT tape. Its still DUCT tape. If you’re refering to a specific brand of tape, feel free to call it Duck tape. But if you’re refering to the generic type of tape, then fucking call it DUCT tape.

13. …..

14. I am zen. I have no thoughts. Except, this is a thought. Therefore, I am not zen. This makes me sad.

15. I need to wrap this stupid post up.

16. Yes! Last one! Score, muthafuckas!


9 thoughts on “16 Things

  1. I’ve long had the same gripe about duct (duck) tape. EXCEPT – the grey heavy-duty tape (with fibers running through it) is actually pretty crappy at holding ducts together. The glue eventually fails and the fibers separate (I guess due to the heating/cooling cycles the ducts undergo.) HVAC people now use a metal foil-type tape. I don’t know if they call the new metal tape duct tape or not.

  2. your duct tape thought reminded me of caulk. Somehow or other the L never gets pronounced. It gives sends me off in laughter when I need to go to the hardware store to talk caulk with the guys. hehehe

  3. I happen to call it duck tape… but that’s because I only used the colored tape and I am constantly making things out of it. I guess since I see DUCK all the time it tends to stick in my mind. If you want to see an iPod case made out of the stuff check this out… http://www.totallytape.com

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