Okay then!

As Kara so tactfully reminded me yesterday, its been too long since I posted anything. I dont have any excuses. In fact, I dont have anything at all to say for myself, which is the problem. I havent got a damn thing to say. Nothing is happening in my life thats remotely bloggable right now, and not much is going on inside my head, either. And I dont see that ending anytime soon, unfortunately. But now that I’ve got Kara’s pointy-toed boot up my ass, I better come up with something. Maybe I should hunt down some memes. Send your links to me, my meme-gathering friends.

In the meantime, please enjoy matrix-bush, courtesy of boing-boing:


9 thoughts on “Okay then!

  1. hahaha… we don’t even see eye-to-eye on politics… but that’s freakin’ funny.

    i hope you’re inspired soon, friend 🙂

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