I did it.

Well, I did it. Didn’t think I could do it, at the end, but I put my butt in high gear and pulled a lot of words out my ass and put them in my document. So I made it past the 50 thousand word goal.

And the damn thing isnt finished yet. Theres still a lot of writing I have yet to do if I want to make this half-complete rough draft into a workable first draft, and from there a real live manuscript.

I couldnt have done it without the advice and encouragement of my sister, Jen, and my two writerly friends, Ian and Allie. Thanks guys!

Now I am catching up on all my reading, and hope to be a more dedicated blogger forthwith.


14 thoughts on “I did it.

  1. you better be careful or those words will join together and rise up against you. then you have a revolution on your hands and they’re always just so messy.

  2. whoa!! congratulations!!

    i really do need to take initiative and try this one year… soon. i’m pathetic.

    i know i could do it… but i’m just so lazy and fearful. damnit.

    but congrats to you (again)! i’m so impressed!

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