Notes to Self

  • Dont read blogs just before bed. Strange dreams may result. (Kara looks cute in a white Hello Kitty wedding dress, but honestly! Where did that come from? And for God’s sake, WHY???)

  • Why bother setting the alarm for 4:30 am if you aren’t even going to make an effort to crawl out until 6 am anyway. Just set it for 6 am already and stop giving yourself reason to feel “FAIL”.

  • Buy more Red Bull.


9 thoughts on “Notes to Self

  1. No point in getting up in the middle of the night. 6:00 is already way too early. If you manage that, you’re already brilliant.

  2. Who wouldn’t want a hello kitty dress??? If I had only thought to get one for my big day!
    No point in setting an alarm when I have every interest in ignoring it.

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