Escape from the water tower!

Flashback to Animaniacs!

  • Does Bill Clinton still play the sax? If so, who listens?
  • A short conversation, circa last week:
    Me: “What do you want to do tonight, Brian?”
    Brian:: “Same thing we do every night, Rachel. Try to take over the internets! Or just watch t.v.”
    Me: “Narf!”
  • Another short conversation, circa today:
    Brian, upon opening a window, sees wet rain and soggy leaves falling, carpeting the asphalt with yellow detritus: “Ugh. Looks like Fall is falling.”
    Me, in agreement: “Bah. Fall, that clumsy fuck.”
  • good idea: warming up for the day’s writing with a 5 minute blog.

    bad idea: avoiding the work of writing by letting a 5 minute blog become an hour.

  • One of my favorite bits from Animanics was the Wheel of Morality. Yakko would spin a huge wheel segemented into many pie slices containing a “moral of the story”, which every kid’s show was supposed to have, ya know?

    The one I remember most was this one:

    “Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn. Tell us the lesson we must learn.”

    *spinning clatters*

    “The hotel of your mind has many vacancies.”


9 thoughts on “Escape from the water tower!

  1. Funny Animaniacs quote!

    Regarding your previous post about Obama and gay marriage: I wholeheartedly agree with you. People have no right sticking their noses into a relationship between two consenting adults that they can’t even begin to understand. How would conservative Christians like it if they lived in a predominantly Muslim country and the Muslims wouldn’t let them get married because they were Christian? Or what if the Muslims did let them get married, and then 4 months later came back and said, “Oops, that was a mistake. You’re actually not married. And give me your marriage certificate right now.” If that’s not a violation of the sanctity of marriage, I don’t know what is! I like how you mentioned that the church is really the institution that should make the rules about morality. By banning same-sex marriage, the government is, in essence, legislating morality. This is perhaps the grossest abuse of human rights that America has partaken in since the 1960s. In 30 years, I believe and hope people will look back on this and feel the same way we feel today when thinking of the abuses, humiliation, and lack of rights that black people everywhere suffered. Today, as evidenced by Prop 8 and the lack of a right for people of the same sex to marry in most (all?) states, human rights are openly desecrated. It’s happening before our eyes. Many people don’t know any better because it’s been this way since before we were born.

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