Obama is the Prez!

  • Nano: I didn’t write anything yesterday because
    a) I didn’t wake up early enough.
    b) When I did wake up, we went straight to the polls.
    c) It was really, really busy at work; sometimes job security really sucks.
    And d) At the end of the day, I was just too wound up about the election to even begin thinking about writing!
  • Elections: Barak Obama is our President-Elect! By a decisive margin! I am overwhelmed with the quivers, my friends. I watched McCain deliver his concession speech, and I thought he looked releived, not disappointed or angry. Not at all like he has looked in the past few months. I get the impression that grumpy old coot knew it was a lost cause the whole time, and was grumpy because he had to maintain the farce. Probably all he wanted was to go home to Arizona and eat his tapioca pudding.
  • Election Issues: Gay Marriage
    Connecticut sucessfully shot down a measure that would have made it possible to convene on the possibility of banning gay marriage. Kudos to my fellow citizens!

    However, it seems voters in California have passed their own: Proposition 8. To which I can only say: good job devaluing relationships you know nothing about, and of which you have no right to judge. “But we must preserve the sanctity of marriage! Its a sacred institution!” I hear them whine. Well, so what? If marriage is indeed a sacred institution, then it is the province of religion and thus of the Church, not of the State, and our government should not be dipping its fingers in the marriage pot.

    If marriage is a sacred covenant between two lovers and God, then no married individual should be accorded benefits from the State that are denied to other individuals, on the basis of that status alone. No tax breaks. No property and estate allocation laws. No shared health insurance, no pensions or assisstance for survivors of a deceased spouse. No divorces settled in civil courts.

    Unless there is a strong secular rationale for prohibiting gay and lesbian unions, the government, and the people upon which it derives its authority, have absolutely no compelling reason to legislate any sort of marriage at all.

  • Flu shots: I haz em, today.

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