Nano update and Voting

  • Nano is going well. I’m right on target and enjoying myself. The process is not as hard as I had anticipated but it IS work. I also find it amazing that before I started there were so many problems and details that needed working on that I was wondering if I would even be able to write at all–but now that I’ve started regardless, solutions to those problems manifest themselves to me. It still amazes me, even after al thse years, how self-revelatory the creative process is, and how effortless and natural it is. And it amazes me also how quickly I forget that fact, moving from one project to another.

    its as if, in the face of some grand vision, I believe I am too inadequate to bring it to life. and in a way it is true, but it is true of all artists of every stripe, and it doesn’t stop them and it shouldn’t stop me.

  • I voted! Brian literally dragged me out of bed (I asked him to) at 5 am, and we walked over to the polling center, which is right next door to us. There was already a line queuing up, and by 6 am, just before the doors opened, the line was already a blocka and a half long, the air fogging up from so many mouths breathing steam. Parking was impossible, and Brian and I congratulated ourselves for choosing not to drive.

    Naturally, I voted for Obama, and pretty much straight-ticketed for Democrat, with the lone exception of one Greenie for local office. Yes, I am quite liberal, and not ashamed of it. I will be on pins and needles all day, until the results of this election are announced.

    As much as I love voting–I love the whole social aspect of it–I hate waiting until midnight before the results are announced!

Now back to working, and writing!


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