Nanowrimo begins!

It is now November first, and that international month of literary torture known as nanowrimo has begun. I, fool that I be, have volunteered to sacrifice my time and sanity by participating in this most masochistic of endeavors.

Today, and in the 29 that follow, I must crank out an average of 1667 words a day to meet the game’s requirement for a 50,000 word novel. Below my goofy face in the sidebar, you will see a nifty little doodad called a word counter. You can keep track of my progress there, and if you are so inclined, praise my successes and mock my failures.

maybe I’ll even have time to do a little blogging here and there. Too bad blogging doesn’t count in the nano book-writing marathon.


8 thoughts on “Nanowrimo begins!

  1. You writing folk make no sense to me. I won’t even do NaBloWriMo or whatever the thing is called where you blog once a day for a month.

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