Blogger Issues

I’m having minor but significant issues with Blogger right now. Ever since they dicked around with their commenting protocols, I haven’t been able to leave any comments on any blogspot blog with my mobile phone. And since I do 90% of all my blogging and commenting via my phone, this is a major inconvience.

With Nano coming on the 1st, I will not be able to do any commenting on anyone’s Blogger blogs, unless Blogger should fix this bug of theirs. Believe me, I am taking it up with them, soon as I figure out how.

But I AM around, and I AM reading, and if ever I have time to spare on the computer, I will be commenting.


7 thoughts on “Blogger Issues

  1. I’m having problems with Blogger too, ‘cept not the comments. I can’t do links anymore and have to do the whole href thing by hand. It’s annoying as all hell.

    Oh, and who knew you could blog from a phone…

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