Thinking by the hour, updated hourly.

Ugh, my alarm isn’t set to go off for another hour…why the fuck am I awake?

Oy! Stupid alarm…its still dark out and its cold…a few more minutes..

Fuck! I’m late! Where’s my lunch, where’s my keys? Oh shit gotta feed the cats. I better do the litterboxes tonight too.

My lazy-ass coworker needs to start taking up his share of the work, and my lazy-ass boss needs to start bossing.

Oh, someone brought in chocolate frosted cake for the munchies!

Whoops! Time to pee!

Man, I got mad craving for a bucket of KFC, yo. And maybe some coleslaw too.

Lunchtime! Box-o-pasta and veggies. Maybe I’ll score some chixn for dinner.

Maybe instead of eliminating the Electoral College, we just eliminate all “winner-take-all” provisos instead? Insta-democracy!

1:15 pm: Reply to Comments
Bob: KFC is insidious, isn’t it. It is strong in the Force, and it has a powerful influence on the weakminded.

Woozie: You’re right! Maybe that’s why I haven’t had a craving for KFC for six months.

I hate it when I have to work instead of blogging.

God I hate Winter. I hate how Autumn fortells the coming of winter. I hate being cold. I hate how this damn company always has the A.C. blasting even when its 32 degrees out, simply because some folks here can’t bear tempuratures above 68*F. I’m not looking forward to shivering inside my layers of sweaters come Feburary!

Whoo! Thank god, I’m outta here…Time for job #2.

4:15pm–Reply to comments
Kara: Slawbuddies! That makes me feel weepy inside. I love being your slawbuddy.

SayIt: I hate it too. Peak was Columbus Day weekend, and it was beautiful We went up to Vermont and just drove. Now, since the winds came in and blew all the glorious color away, it just sucks. The only thing about Novemeber that I’m looking forward to is a)the election and b)Nano. Oh, and box-o-pasta was a Lean Cuisine meal: rigatoni with tomato-basil sauce.

Oops, I slept a little too deeply too long for my daily nap! I need to go to bed early tonight.

Sometimes I wish I were a cat. Not have a goddamn thing to worry about, except finding that patch of sunlight to sleep in.
Then I remember how bad I am at keeping up a clean litterbox, and maybe I don’t want to be a cat after all. Maybe a snake. Or a bird. Or a gerbil. oh, nevermind, I like having dignity and the occasional deep thought…I wish I were a cat or a pampered trophy wife. Definitely never a dog.

Working two jobs sucks, but it could be worse: I could be working 60+hours a week and have no life at all. Instead I’m working 52 hours a week, and have half a life.

Ah, good to be home. Cats fed? Check. Shoes off? Now, check. Boob-harness removed and chucked aside? Double check. Check! Boy, does it feel good to let the girls flop. Now its time for a glass of wine, a long soak in a hot tub, and some casual bedtime reading.

Good night blog. Good night bra.
Good night shoes. Good night kitties eating food.
Good night chair. Good night phone.
Good night books and good night moon.

Maybe I should stop before I get charged with copyright infringement


8 thoughts on “Thinking by the hour, updated hourly.

  1. I hate that we are in “peak” autumn color and TOO many trees have already lost their leaves. Its getting pretty bleak out. Um, box-o-pasta???

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