An annoyance

Place: Work

Situation: a mandatory hazmat and emergency procedures training meeting

My thoughts:

wait, what? Oh, a meeting? Oh right. Okay….fuck me, I hate these things. Another damn suit flapping his lips and I have to sit there and pretend I know what the fuck is going on. Ugh, I’d rather be working….so, wheres the suit…wait, WHAT? A speakerphone? God fucking damn it, they are shitting me! Fuckers! Why the fuck am I here? I have work to do! Don’t you people realize that this is a fucking waste of my fucking time? I have better things to do than stare at people’s faces, stare at the wall, or stare at my fucking thumbs while I wait for this fucking bullshit to wrap up and I can get back to work. Jesus h. Christ…[45 minutes later]…goddamn it, I hate hearing people!

Aftermath: A rant to my immediate supervisor. He relays my complaints to HR. HR calls me in to apologize and get my recommendations on how to handle future meetings and proper accomdations.

I don’t hate hearing people anymore. They are all just kinda dumb, instead. Like confused puppies that piddled on the carpet.


9 thoughts on “An annoyance

  1. You idiot. Now they are going to make sure you have an interpreter or something for meetings and instead of taking a little mental vacation, you’ll have to actually *pay attention* next time. Dummy.

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