It fits!

There’s something to be said for having clothes that fit.

After months and months–and I am not exaggerating–I finally found a store that sells clothes cut for the curvy woman.

Sure, there are lots of stores that claim to sell curvy cuts, but they lie (I’m looking at you Gap and Old Navy). “Curvy” apparently means women who have slightly more hip and waist than the boyish sticks the fashion industry obsessess over. But there are a LOT of women whose actual proportions resemble hourglasses and pears, not apples or cubes!
For years, I have been wearing pants that don’t fit. They gape at the back. They sag at the bottom and crotch. They constrict my thighs. In recent months, I have bought so-called “curvy” pants that fit no better than pants that weren’t “curvy”. I have even tried taking in the waistbands myself, but I am a shitty seamstress, and still sit like a lumpy mass of denim on my ass.

Ill fitting pants make me feel fat and dumpy and just plain ugly.

But this weekend, I finally walked into a store I hadn’t visited in years, and they have a new line of clothes cut for six different shapes (three plus-sized shapes and three “normal” shapes–and they use vanity sizing, but that’s neither here nor there). The moment I tried on my shape, I honest to god liked what I saw! Its amazing to see how good an ass can look when the denim hugs it in all the right places. There no fucking gaps! No sagging crotch! My butt is lifted, and Oh! it looks good and it makes me feel good about how I look for once in my life.

I ended up buying four pairs of pants, two shirts, and two jackets. I spent money I should not have spent, but I don’t fucking care. I needed those damn clothes!

So, if you have a difficult-to-dress body, head over to the FashionBug and see if you can’t find the clothes you need.

Thank you, FashionBug, for restoring my self-esteem.


11 thoughts on “It fits!

  1. and still sit like a lumpy mass of denim on my ass

    this could apply to so many things. i’m going to think about it for a while.

  2. This is the very reason I don’t wear jeans – I find it terribly difficult to buy trousers that actually fit. Who on earth are they making them for?


  3. Yay for you!

    Although I’m thin, I have a pretty serious difference between my waist and hips and have a terrible time finding pants that fit. When I did find some dress pants that fit me (At Express) I bought three different colors. And it’s why I switched to hip higger jeans – now I don’t have to worry about the waist, I just fit them to my hips.

  4. yay! i’m so glad you found jeans that fit. it really is SUCH a good feeling. for me, it was ann taylor loft that did the trick.

    it only took me 26 years 😉
    although… that’s a lie… i was skinny till i hit puberty. now i have that freakin’ hourglass figure dreaded by every female shopper. ::le sigh::

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