Sloth leads to theft.

Okay, heres the deal. I stole the text below from my totally awesome sister. We agreed to do some writing exercizes in preparation for nano and post the results on our blogs. And, well, she summarizes the whole thing just fine:

NaNoWriMo 2008 is fast approaching. Have you signed up yet? In preparation, my TAS and I have agreed to do some writing exercises together in the month of October. We both have the very excellent book of writing excercises The 3am Epiphany, so each Monday in October I will choose by random number generator a number that corresponds to the number of an excercise in the book. We’ll spend the week writing it and post the results of our efforts on our respective blogs the following Friday.

Want to play along? Get yourself a copy of The 3am Epiphany* and let me know if you want to join in by leaving a comment here by Sunday 10/5. And spread the word, will ya? If there’s enough interest, I’ll do an email list and/or Mr. Linky thing to get everybody writing and reading and practicing for our Olympic event–novelling. Sound like fun?

*Don’t have it? Don’t want to fork over the cash? I totally understand. Check your local library. Also, you could always take note of the number and head over to Borders or B&N and take a peek at the exercise for that week.

So if you want to play along, go hop on over, drop my name, and sign up with her.

So in the words of Odd Todd

“Okay, bye”


3 thoughts on “Sloth leads to theft.

  1. I’d like to try this out, although don’t be mad if I perish along the way due to school… : / This sounds so fun!

  2. Yes ma’am, there is a particular young’en in mind when I wrote that post. A certain 24 year old who thinks he has the world all figured out. 😉

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