A Deep Breath

My hiatus is nearing an end. I am not yet quite ready to write real postings yet, but I do feel a need to return to the blogging community as a contributor again. So I find myself thinking for ideas, being open again, and trying to devise a structure or topical form in which to focus my efforts.

Nanowrimo is coming, and since I wish to somehow be some sort of writer or Author (of fantasy, naturally), and since I am in the prep stages of Nano, many of my future postings here will be writing-related, such as exercizes, criticism, issues, and so forth.

All of you who made such nice and encouraging and even flattering comments on my last post: thank you. It gave me a reason to want to come back. And I hope you will want to continue to come round, even though I may have ceased to be interesting!

I think I shall be posting with increasing regularity in the next few weeks.

9 thoughts on “A Deep Breath

  1. Blogging has a weird ebb and flow for me. As soon as it feels more like an obligation than a joy, I know it’s time for a break…but I always end up coming back, for the blogworld is so full of inspiration and laughter.

  2. Well of course we’ll keep coming around – what are blog friends for?

    I took a brief hiatus myself just recently but found I could not stay away.

  3. Stop putting yourself down Rachel!!! you are not less interesting. Believe me, if people are still coming around it’s because we find what you have to say interesting. It’s that simple.

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