My Mother’s Worst Fear

I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.

I’ve always wanted one, really, for a long time, but could never decide what I wanted or where. Eventually, I concluded that my indecisiveness meant that I didn’t really want one after all, and stopped thinking about it. But recently the desire to get one has returned, stronger than ever, even though the indecisiveness is still there.

I still do not know what I want etched into my flesh, nor yet where…but I do know what I like. I like the asian and tribal styles of art, and I like them as sleeves or on the back. I like the colors to be clear and fresh, but not garish or bright or dark. And it is important to me that the work be a unified piece, not a patchwork of cobbled-together icons or symbols. And whatever tattoo I get must somehow incorporate Water. Water is my personal symbol, my spiritual home, the blood of wisdom and of life. I do not want Water to be represented by some symbolic proxy.

So, I am now asking for input or advice from my tattoo-bearing friends. What are your experiences? Is there something I should be thinking about, that might help me on this internal quest? Any visual resources from which to start some research?

And even if you, dear reader, do not have a tatto or few, I’d still like to hear your thoughts.

I do know this: I won’t be getting anything without absolute certainty that what I am getting is exactly what I want and can live with for the rest of my life.


15 thoughts on “My Mother’s Worst Fear

  1. I had a friend who told his mom he had gotten a tattoo, since she didn’t completely freak out during the phone call, he actually had the tattoo inked.

    It’s easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission.

  2. I’ve always thought about getting one, but I’m pretty sure what I would like now would be abhorrent to me in a few years time.

    If I was going to get one I think I’d get something small done vertically at the back of my neck, just near my hair line. But I don’t know what. Good luck.

    PS I loved Ms Chica’s comment.

  3. Chairman Mao drinking the bong water. It’s Asian, it incorporates water, and it’s a unified piece! A winner is me!

  4. Ms Chica: you’re so right! I would do that, but I still dont know what I want.

    Observer; if you liked ms chica’s comment, you should love her blog. Shes brilliant.

    Also, I think I want something I can see, so the nape is sorta ruled out. But good thoughts, nonetheless. Thanks

    Woozie: youre insane

    Mom: thats it? no rant about making this body, and taking care of this body for 20 years, and disrespecting your mother?

    I love you too!

  5. Nope. No rant. You’ve heard my rant more than once and you’ve even memorized it so I’ll leave any further ranting to your Dad! Actually, you know how I feel about tattoos and you are also a grown up girl. Whatever, if anything you decide to have inked into your body is your choice and the consequences—good, bad and otherwise are yours. Simply remember that I love you and will continue to love you with or without a tattoo.

  6. it’ll hit you. one day you’ll see something close to what you want and it will hit you. spend more time finding the best possible tattoo artist to do the piece…that’s more important.

    oh…and they fucking HURT.

  7. Have you considered visiting your local tattoo parlour and ‘discussing’ it with them. Especially if you want to get a sleeve done.

    You and I are in the same boat as far as tat’s go. However, I’m looking to get into the medical field and will probably wait until I’m in a good position before I do anything drastic. (I want semi-sleeves that lead onto my back)

  8. orhan has a good idea. visit tattoo shops. they’ll help you, especially with the technical details like where to put it. and once you start going and seeing other art, your own ideas start to evolve.

    it’s addicting.

  9. Long ago, when I was in my 20s I wanted a tattoo. Back then there was something rebellious about them. Actually I’m glad I never did get one because they’ve become so totally mainstream now.

    Everyone has jeans, everyone wears a tattoo.

    This being said, the only thing I could tell you is don’t get it somewhere that will eventually sag. A sagging tattoo is really really ugly.

  10. I’d love to get a tattoo, but like you, I’ve never found anything that I can’t live without, or, more accurately, live with. Good luck finding the perfect tatt!

  11. I’d love to get a tattoo, but like you, I’ve never found anything that I can’t live without, or, more accurately, live with. Good luck finding the perfect tatt!

  12. I couldn’t. a) I’m a needle phobe.
    b) I would be too afraid I’d lose my liking for whatver image I picked.

    (huh – the word verification is “envoy”)

  13. I think your last point is right – for me, I had to be absolutely sure that what I had meant something to me and would do me for the rest of my days. It took me years to decide, but when I did, getting the actual tattoo was a huge statement ot myself.


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