In which I play with strikethrus

So, yeah, ahem.

I had this long post written up about food and health and how I might become a vegetarian, and then I accidentially deleted it. I’ll have to re-write the whole thing, but I can’t remember anything I said, and my mind has moved on to other things.

Now, I’m mulling over the details of my grand plot scheme business plan, a billion-dollar venture that likely will never see the light of day. I’d share some details with you, but I don’t trust the internets: some lurking evil unethical madman venture capitalist might steal my ideas.

This weekend I plan on relaxing loafing watching t.v. writing. We might also do a book purge donate books to the Library. I’m hoping to get rid of an entire bookshelf, but we shall see. We are both biblophiles, one of us more so than the other, and it should be an interesting experiment to see who can let go of more books. I’m hoping Brian will win this one, cause, well, he’s got a lot more crap books than I do. I purge twice a year, he purges twice a decade. Wish me us luck.

Not only am I re-writing my food post, I am also working on another post that should be a good rant, so look for that sometime in the next few weeks soon.

That’s probably enough strike-thrus, no?
Happy weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “In which I play with strikethrus

  1. You can never use enough strike-thrus. Good luck with the purging. If you are successful, it brings me hope.

  2. Gosh, we need to do a toy, book, paper, junk purge. I need to go through closets and everything. Thanks for the lovely reminder!!!

    Fingers crossed its a productive and loving weekend for you and Brian!!!!

  3. I wouldn’t mind my own personal library. Don’t know why but I couldn’t throw a book away, or give it to a complete stranger. How rude am I.

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