In which politics is discussed and my geekiness revealed

I admit I’ve been watching the Democratic National Committee debate the whole Florida and Michigan delegate issue all day today. They finally voted on the motions, and I think the compromises agreed to are decently made. It was a lively, raucous meeting, ending with Clintonistas storming out the hall, screaming protests.

The decision was a “solomon-esqe” compromise: the panel voted to reinstate all the disputed delegates to the convention, but only with half a vote each. Which means:

  • The candidates now need 2,118 delegates to win the nomination.
  • Obama now has 2,050; 66 delegates shy of the prize.
  • Clinton now has 1,877; she needs 241 delegates.

One of the things I found most interesting is how much of a spoiled brat Clinton came out looking.

The party harped endlessly about unity and reconciliation, of fairness and accountability, and the decision made by this panel was made for the sake of that unity. And at the end, Clinton’s representative Harold Ickes, huffily proclaims:

Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to say that she reserves her right to appeal this decision to the Credentials Committee!

A threat that promises to extend this nominating contest all the way to August, at the DNC National Convention in Denver.

It was Obama that suggested this compromise, to seat all the delegates for the sake of unity, to grant Clinton that many more delegates closer to the nomination, a move that narrows his own lead over her. This compromise supports his assertion that he is a man of hope and fairness, compromise and integrity. It makes him look So Hillary comes out looking the more contentious and petulant and greedy candidate, who will do anything to get what she wants, even at the expense of party objectives. Especially since it was the Obama team that suggested the compromise that was reached today. It makes Obama look concilatory and sincere, and she look like a spoiled brat.

If you haven’t been to this website before, you should check it out now. RealClearPolitics.


4 thoughts on “In which politics is discussed and my geekiness revealed

  1. If she’s not gonna be president, well by golly, she’s gonna make sure no one will be!!!!

  2. kara, I didnt think it was dull! LOL thas why Im a geek

    BMP: Im thinking of embedding a youtube vid of a little kid throwing a temper tantrum.

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