In which I babble in bullet-list

Let the trumpets sound and the peasants cheer, for Lo! I have returned. I have a grand total of 169 pictures stored on my camera, some of which I have posted below. In the meantime, thou mayest live mine holiday vicariously, in the noblest of journalling traditions, the bullet-list.

  • On Thursday morning, we rolled out of bed at 4:30 and into our mechanical steed. We drove a lot. After 3 hours, we reached the Maine border, and we detoured onto a scenic coastal road and took a few pictures of lighthouses, rocks, and piers.

  • Then we ate a late breakfast and got back onto the main highway. We arrived at our motel room at 2:30 pm.
  • We ate a lot of excellent meals at the Reading Room Restaurant of the Bar Harbor Inn. Apple-cinnamon crepes, berry platters, lobster, lamb, eggs benedict, stuffed french toast, to name a few delectable meals…
  • We went into Acadia National Park, our ultimate trip destination, several times. We visited several tourist hot-spots: Mt. Cadillac, the highest mountain on the eastern seaboard, Thunder Hole, Sand Beach, and drove the Park Loop Road a few times. My pictures are nowhere near as good as those in the links, but who cares, this is MY blog, and I’m showing you my damn pictures. And you’ll like them, dammit.
  • We went sailing. A two-hour private cruise, just me and Brian and the gregarious Cap’n Steve. It was wonderful! Sailing is probably one of the most thoroughly enjoyable activities I have ever done, and if it weren’t so expensive, I would do it more frequently. This was my first time sailing, and once we left the bay and entered open sea, the engines were turned off, the sails unfurled–snapping in the wind like flags–I fell in love with it instantly. The sudden quiet was refreshing, a true escape from modernism. I cannot express what I loved so much about it–there is a sort of meditative grace about the whole endeavor, what with the water, the spray, the wind, the sails–and the constant, subconscious shifting of your body to match the shifting of the boat–there’s just something about it.
  • We went canoeing on a lake the following day. Neither of us really knows how to row, and we spent 2 of the three hours of our allotted time learning how to propel ourselves forward, instead of circling in the wind. It rained on us while we struggled with the oars. Still fun, in a strange masochistic way.

  • We hiked up Mt. Cadillac. A slab hike, I found it to be moderately grueling. See?

  • Wildlife spottings consisted of: raccoons, seagulls (which I perversely insisted on calling Albatrosses in my best Peter Griffin voice), a duck, a small snake, a MOOSE, and a HARBOR PORPOISE. “Water is warmer than I thought.” said Cap’n Steve.

  • I spent 10 minutes in a hot jacuzzi then 2 minutes in a HOT dry sauna (190*) then ended up sleeping for a full 12 hours…I wonder if they are correlated?

  • My souvenirs: a buttload of pictures, a tshirt, a sunburn, and several bug bites.

(My apologies for the poor layout. I have difficulties dealing with Blogger’s imaging system.)

In other news, one of my tires blew out on the way home today. I’m a bit grumpy about it, because it means that the new tires I need to buy will be bought much sooner than I had planned for. Curses, cruel fates!


2 thoughts on “In which I babble in bullet-list

  1. Wow, sounds like a fantastic getaway! I’ve always wanted to go to Maine for some reason. Glad to hear you had such a good time!

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