Its done

Okay, the thing I was working on for the past week or so is done. Its crap, but its done.

As promised, above is the photo (there is some glare coming in from the right). This piece is made from two 12x6in plywood boards, glued together. The top board was cut into two pieces, and sandwiched between those pieces is watercolor paper covered in acrylic mediums, newspaper spitballs, and styrofoam pellets. The effect is a sort of recessed area filled with texture, as you can see in the detail pic to the left. Once all that stuff dried, I painted it in layers of transparent green, blue, brown and white.

As for a title; well, I’m calling it “Embryonic” only because its the first of what’s right now a concept still in development.

I say it is crap because the composition and the colors don’t quite achieve the sense of harmony and balance that is integral to my concept. That’s okay. This is my first piece, a practice piece, and experimental piece. “Perfection” was not required.

Now is time to put it aside and start a new piece. Theoretically, as I work on this series, the problems in composition and design will come to resolution.

On a more positive note, I enjoyed working on this. The process in making it was complex enough to appeal to my jeweler’s sensibilities, and yet simple and quick enough to satisfy my inherent laziness. As any working artist will tell you, the process of creating is more important than the result of that process. With this new concept of mine, that is true–and whats more, I feel an enthusiasm, an excitement, and a pervading sense of freedom in discovering a process and a concept that works for me.

If you were to ask how I finally broke through that creative block, my reply is that I finally let my mind approach Painting as if it were Jewelry: a piece that must be cut, shaped, put together, surfaced, and polished. Once I realized that, all the ideas I had in regards to individual jewelery pieces and individual paintings came together. Where it will go from here, I cannot say. But, wherever the journey takes me, I will be happy to walk that path.


13 thoughts on “Its done

  1. Dawn: thank you! I appreciate that.

    Jen; you already have. lol it hasn changed much since you saw it last, I simply glossed it to make it shiny. Im saving all the edging for sucessful peices.

  2. andrea; interesting observation, a pod, you say? Thats what I love about abstracts–how other people respond to them.

  3. Yes the process is very important. I spent part of today discarding processes. It took a while to sever the relationship, but I realized I was ready to let go older work that was only marginally successful.

    For each successful work of art, I execute, there are seven other pieces of crap hidden in a closet…It’s part of the journey.

    I like the close-up. It emphasizes the texture better than the full size picture. The glazing helps emphasize the depth. Have you studied it in different orientations, or upside down? Sometimes varying your point of view makes it easier to resolve composition or emphasis issues.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.

  4. jebus, but that’s complicated. your creative process sounds a lot like mine. oh no wait…sorry, that was a lie. it would appear you are a considerably deeper individual than i. and as this allows me to stay put on my lazy ass…i’m alright with it.

  5. I adore the textures and the color. At first glance, it very much reminds me of an aerial view of a coastline in the Caribbean. Thanks for sharing your work! I love seeing what other people are working on.

  6. that’s so wonderful, rachel! i intend, as soon as i’m done setting up my new home, to reopen the door to my creativity. you’re inspiring me to do so… thanks for that 🙂

    and i don’t think your piece is crap at all. it’s so interesting!

  7. Sounds complicated. You did good though. Call me weird, but, the first thought is subcutaneous. I’m envisioning something under a microscope.

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