Atempting stillness, or Open, open.

I’m trying to teach myself some calming practices, exercises in meditation and emptiness. I’m not doing so well. For instance, just now, during a period of boredom at work, I try to clear my mind by focusing on a mantra. I don’t know any mantras, but I thought to do one of my own by repeating “open, open” to myself, in the sense that true stillness leads to an openness in one’s mind.

Well, after a few repeats of “open, open” I start writing poety. Here’s the piece of drivel I wrote 5 minutes ago.

Open, open: let the dust in.
Time is your best friend.

Open, open: let the light in.
Shadow is your best friend.

Open, open: let the wind in.
Chaos is your best friend.

Open, open: let yourself in.
Emptiness is your best friend.

Then, instead of taking my own advice, I type this up and post it on my oh-so-convienent blog. Ridiculous!

Not only that, not only is my mind not open or still, my internal critic pipes up, and declaims in portentious tones, that this the most profound piece of drivel ever.

Apparently, mental stillness doesn’t seem to come easy for me.

Nor does shutting that stupic critic up.


10 thoughts on “Atempting stillness, or Open, open.

  1. well, if your drivel is profound…you’ve got one up on me!

    do you remember those mervyns commercials years back with the woman tapping against the glass saying “open open open open” over and over? your poem is a WAY better use of the word.

  2. Personally, I think when one is buzzing with creativity, it’s almost impossible to keep the mind still – you just have to go with it. There’ll be time enough for stillness when you’re tired!


  3. When you find the secret to stilling your mind, let me know. And then let me know if you have a problem getting it going again.

  4. kara; haha! I do rememeber those commericals, and thank you for all the kind flattery.

    jazz: lol!

    say it: I’ve got you on speed dial (so to speak)!

    woozie: strong words, young man.

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