The light is on, but no one is home.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t a thing to say. I’m not even thinking in words, really, just flashes of images, of colors and shapes, lines and textures, of contrasts in form and in mood.

Still working on my experimental piece. It’s nearly done, and I will post it when it is completed, before I start a new one.

In the meantime, consider this an open thread. I’ll reply to whatever seriousness or inanities you may wish to being to my attention.


11 thoughts on “The light is on, but no one is home.

  1. Matt; i am a bit distracted, maybe I shouldnt be driving, but I am…I havent crashed, yet, so I suppose I CAN drive!

    Ian; Brown acid? Ick! How bourgeosis.
    (Seriously, what the hell is brown acid, and how many colors does acid come in?)

  2. i haven’t been posting lately either.

    do you think this means i’ll lose all my blog pals?
    (you said we could bring up anything)

    i’m glad you’re doing art again, btw

  3. well, we knew you were arting right now, you said so and showed us pics, so no big deal.

    can’t wait to see the finished product.

    I loved this skit on SNL:

    President Jimmy Carter: Peter, what did the acid look like?

    Peter (on phone): They were these little orange pills.

    President Jimmy Carter: Were they barrel shaped?

    Peter (on phone): Uh.. yes.

    President Jimmy Carter: Okay, right, you did some orange sunshine, Peter.

    Peter (on phone): Very good of you to know that, sir.

    President Jimmy Carter: How long ago did you take it, Peter?

    Peter (on phone): Uh.. I don’t know. I can’t read my watch.

    President Jimmy Carter: Alright, Peter, just listen. Everything is going to be fine. You’re very high right now. You will probably be that way for about five more hours. Try taking some vitamin B complex, vitamin C complex.. if you have a beer, go ahead and drink it..

    Peter (on phone): Okay..

    President Jimmy Carter: Just remember you’re a living organism on this planet, and you’re very safe. You’ve just taken a heavy drug. Relax, stay inside and listen to some music, Okay? Do you have any Allman Brothers?

    Peter (on phone): Yes, I do, sir. Everything is okay, huh Jimmy?

    President Jimmy Carter: It sure is, Peter. You know, I’m against drug use myself, but I’m not going to lay that on you right now. Just mellow out the best you can, okay?

    Peter (on phone): Okay..!

    President Jimmy Carter: Okay.

  4. I like the idea of thinking in colours – I’m like that with routines – can only think of music and movement. Most invigorating.


  5. Martha: I hope we don’t lose our blog pals! You don’t have to worry about me: I still check your blog for updates everyday.

    Bob: I was born the year Carter was elected. I’ve always thought he was a strange man.

    The more I hear about acid, the less I want to try it. That’s some scary shit, yo.

    Puss: yes! “invigorating” is the exact word I would use to decribe it. There is something freeing about diving into sensory perceptions without the analytical judgement of language.

  6. He sang Addicted to Love. “Your lights are on, but you’re not home,
    Your mind is not your own.” He’s dead now, though.

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