Sticky Fingers and Work Spaces

I just finished gluing the small bits together (newspaper, glass beads and Styrofoam). Now it all has to dry completely before I can paint it over.

I have tentatively decided on a complementary color scheme of blue/orange, but I haven’t the foggiest clue where all those colors are going to go!

This is where I leave the analytic stages behind me. Its all spontaneity from here on out. I have a general idea of how I want the end result to look, but once I start painting, the colors will take control and decide the final outcome.

On a related note, I thought I’d show you all what my “studio” looks like. We (Brian and I) live in a small 1 bedroom apartment. However, we use the bedroom as a studio: it’s where we house all our creative and office stuff–the art stuff, the music stuff (he is a guitarist and music producer), and the two computers. We sleep in the living room, on a big daybed and a ragged futon.

Here are the pictures:

This is my workstation. It is a simple large drawing board placed upon my dresser.

This is my closet. I store all my art stuff under my hanging clothes. Here you can see my canvases, my buckets of goo, boxes of pulp, and a pair of boots. Deeper in the closet are toolboxes, rags, discarded works and reference images, and miscellaneous studio stuff. Its all very well organized, I assure you.

This last one is of the painting spot. That small chest of drawers contains all my paints and brushes and mediums and palettes. On top of it is a table easel. Its small, but serviceable.

Behind it is Brian’s office/music studio. He has a drum machine, a turntable, a keyboard, speakers, a mixer, a synthesizer, and a few other gadgets I cant remember what they are. Music stuff confuses me. He also owns 6 guitars: 2 acoustics, an bronzey-toned electric, an electric bass, a rocking blue star-shaped electric and an old beginner’s generic electric, from when he first started playing. (He’s into indie rock and gangsta rap.)

It’s an unconventional arrangement, but it works for us. And keeps the clutter confined to one room. Well, theoretically, it does. Somehow, the living area still gets cluttered anyway (not with art and music, but with shoes and dirty dishes.)


10 thoughts on “Sticky Fingers and Work Spaces

  1. Oh I love the opportunity to see your workspace! Perhaps I’ll do that too! You are about 394895834 times more organized than me. Wow!

  2. Reminds me of my spare bedroom, with the pole and all costumes, shoes, notes etc. neatly arranged in it. It’s good for the focus to have dedicated space for one’s art.


  3. I’m glad you posted the studio photo – allows me to picture you working in it. Does the vibration of the drum machine bother you when your working or do you guys typically work at different times?

  4. you live in a one bedroom? shit. kansas and i have two and they’re both full. and so is all the space in between them. i am in awe of you, lady. and what is that thing you’re making?

  5. Franki, and I would love to see yours! let me know when you post some pics.

    bob; for you, I am glad to oblige! *wink*

    say it; thats one reason we wont be having kids anytime soon! LOL

    dawn, when you live in a small space, and have so much crap, you kinda HAVE to be organized.

    puss, exactly. your mind needs to be free of distractions and clutter in order to work–and if the environment is cluttered, then so is the mind.

    citizen; Brian and I work on different schedules. He tends to work in the small hours of the night, whereas I will work late in the evenings, or during the weekends. So the drum machine doesnt bother me.

    kara; “that thing” is trying to be an art piece. its wood with lots of paper glued on it. I’ll explain the “Art” part once I figure that out.

    woozie; I worked on my bed when I still lived with my parents. I think thats where artists are born, in a way. you have to be relaxed to do art, and the bed tends to be the most personal and relaxing place in ones home, especially for teenagers.

    m@; thank you! it kinda has to be if I am to get anything artistic done.

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